Which TV Grandmother Are You?

We all have a favorite character from our favorite TV show – Kramer from Seinfeld, Andy from Parks and Rec, Niles from Frasier. Different characters provide different perspectives and motives in terms of the plot. Grandmothers in particular, both on TV and in real life, can be a real force to reckon with. Which TV Grandmother are you?

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Question 1/6
What would you prefer to eat?
Venison Tenderloin with Madeira Green Peppercorn Sauce
Italian Omelet
Question 2/6
What’s your favorite outfit?
Evening dress with hat and cane
Lots of prints and hairspray
Something with fur
Pearls and a house sweater
Something in paisley
Question 3/6
How do you deal with a scandal?
Cover it up with grace
Make everyone feel guilty
Take to the sea
Elaborate scheme
Shoot at the perpetrators
Question 4/6
What are you baking?
I don’t – that’s for the servants to do
I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond to it
Question 5/6
What’s your favorite TV show?
What’s that? I stand when the King speaks on the wireless
Anything except Deliverance
Anything to make Lucille Austero mad
I like that Pat Sajak
I prefer the radio
Question 6/6
How do you entertain younger people?
I schedule lunch with the butler
I lecture them about how they’re failing as a wife and mother
I discuss how much weight they need to lose
Stories about Sicily
Squirrel Stew
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