Which Fashion Icon Are You?

Fashion comes down to the way we want t represent ourselves to the world. There are a ton of different styles out there, each with different connotations for the kind of women we are. The style we have says a lot of about us, but it’s also often influenced by the people and icons around us. If you were any fashion icon, who would you be? Would you be a classy Monroe or an edgy Madonna? Let’s find out!

Let's Play!
Question 1/5
Which of the following would you wear?
An egg suit
A gold sequence dress
A little black dress
Ripped jeans and a black and red top
A polka dot dress
A big goofy blue and purple dress
Question 2/5
How would you describe yourself?
Question 3/5
Tell us about your hair
Crazy up-do
Thick and luscious
Short and curly
"Artfully disheveled"
Bouncy, shiny and girly
Shaped and flawless
Question 4/5
How much would you say you're a barrier-crosser?
Barriers? What barriers?
I make the barriers
A little - but not too adventurous
I hate barriers!
I like to stay within the lines
I make crossing barriers look good
Question 5/5
What kind of music do you like?
Something unique, but trendy
Whatever is on the top 40s list
I like the classics!
Rock and Roll!
Lady Gaga
Where ever the boundary of fashion is, your goal is to completely obliterate it. You don’t even want to believe there ever was a box. You will wear anything - I mean anything - no matter how crazy it gets. While some may think you wear what you wear just for the attention, you do it because you want to make it clear limits are made to be destroyed. Some may think you’re too out there, but you just see it as artistic self-expression.
Kim Kardashian
Your style screams “glam” in every sense of the word. You’re curvy, classy and you like to look like a million dollars everywhere you go. Shopping is your entire universe, and drama seems to follow you at every turn. You look like an air-blown doll at all times, and sometimes it seems like you’ve tattooed on the perfect make up look rather than putting it on every day. How do you stay so perfect all the time?
Marilyn Monroe
You’re the definition of classic style. Women every, from all ages, now and forever will idolize your style and look to you as a beauty goddess. You’ve got a mature but cute style, simultaneously managing to pull off the young girl and beautiful woman look. You’re the kind of girl who sets trends, not follows them. Let’s face it - you’re the beauty standard.
You’re the barrier breaker. Where ever the fashion limit is, you’re the kind of girl that likes to walk just past it. Your style is conventional enough to make people follow you, but edgy enough to set you apart from the crowd. You empower women to be and look exactly as they want to, and you know what the tabloids want to see. You’re a role model to all of those people out there who want to step away from convention.
Taylor Swift
You’ve got a gorgeous mixture of classic and modern. You’ve got a definite girly style that screams “feminine”, and you can pull off just about any hairstyle. You’re the adorable type: not too edgy, but not too meek. You can rock the red lips, or you can also look like a goddess with a natural style. You’re incredibly in touch with your inner teenage girl, no matter what age you are. As such, you’re the object of envy for girls and women everywhere.
You’re edgy, but somehow you can pull it off as if it’s totally normal. You’re not the way-over-the-top kind of fashion explorer, but you definitely turn heads when you walk by. You always seem to find a way to match colors no one would have ever thought of and rock a style no one else would dare. But you look awesome through it all!

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