How Generous Are You?

You put coins in the kettle at Christmas time and shell out big bucks for gifts when a friend or family member celebrates a milestone event. But are you giving enough? Take this test and find out how generous you really are!

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Question 1/6
A homeless man asks you for money during your lunch break. You:
Give him your lunch, even though it means you’ll go without
Give him all the change in your pocket
Dig out your wallet to give him five dollars
Give him a dollar so he can buy a coffee
Tell him you don’t have any money
Question 2/6
Your favorite charity has sent a mailer to your house. You:
Write a cheque even though you haven’t checked your budget this month
Send them $50. Money has been a bit tight in the past few months, but you’ll brown bag it for a few days to make it work
Write a cheque after balancing your books
Send them $10, and be sure to ask for a tax receipt
Put it in the recycling bin
Question 3/6
After cleaning out your closet, you:
Pick out the better pieces to give to your family members, and give the others to charity
Drive the donations to the Salvation Army, and give them $20 while you’re at it
Call the Salvation Army and ask if they do pickups
Sell the better pieces online, and donate what doesn’t sell
List everything for sale online and hope for the best
Question 4/6
You’re going to coffee with coworkers and a woman you don’t know very well is short a few dollars. You:
Tell her you’ll make up the difference
Give her the money and tell her she can get you next time
Treat her to an expensive latte and offer to buy her a cookie, as well
Tell her it’s your treat
Tell her you only have enough money for your own coffee. Sorry.
Question 5/6
A card and collection is circulating for a girl in your office who is having a baby. You are brand new to the workplace and have only met her once. You:
Sign the card with your best wishes, but don’t put in any money
Pass the card and envelope on without looking at it
Put in $20
Put in $10. That’s what everyone else seems to be contributing
Put in $5. It’s less than the average donation, but you don’t know her
Question 6/6
What do you give your best friend for Christmas?
A weekend away
Dinner and a movie
A shirt
A Christmas card
You don’t exchange gifts
like Santa Claus
Are you for real? You give and give, even when you don’t have enough to meet your own needs. It’s nice to be so generous and giving, but will others return the sentiment when you’re the one in need? Make sure to look out for yourself, too.
Very Giving
You make donations, and not just at tax time. You pick up extra groceries to put in the food bank collection bins at the store, and have no problem donating your used goods instead of reselling them. Good work!
Sure, you make donations, but you’re also sure to collect your tax receipt, as well. You like to be recognized for the gifts you give. When the girl scouts come to the door, you buy cookies, not only because you like to support the scouts, but because you like cookies. It wouldn’t hurt you to give a little extra now and then – especially if you feel life has blessed you.
a Penny Pincher
You clip coupons and take out a calculator to figure out the tip in fear of giving more than you should. Money can’t buy love, but it does help you show your gratitude, and rewards the people in your life that deserve it. Trying loosening the purse strings a little. A dollar here or there won’t kill you.
a Miser
Can we say Scrooge? You use things into the ground to avoid having to replace them, and never answer the door when people from charities come around. Try giving to a charity that really speaks to you. It really will make you feel good, and allow you to share your wealth. You might find that you like it.

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