How Good Were You In Bed Today?

Just like those old 'love tester machines,' this quiz can help you realize your skills between the sheets! Are you a red-hot lover, or are you a cold fish? Learn about your sexual prowess with this fun quiz. Or, if you're happy with what you learn about yourself, brag to your friends about the results!

Let's Play!
Question 1/6
What's your best idea for a date?
I like to stay home with take out and Netflix, cuddling with my partner.
Maybe we can do something fun, like bowling.
A romantic weekend trip to Paris!
A lovely dinner, maybe a trip to the museum or the theatre.
A picnic would be great!
Question 2/6
How in touch with your body are you?
I am very aware of my physical needs and wants, and I love to fulfill them.
I can actually predict my moods based on my physical feelings.
I'm very in touch with my body, and also good at sensing others' moods as well.
I know the basics, like when I'm not feeling well, or when I really enjoy something.
I'm not very in touch with my body or the cues it sends me.
Question 3/6
The best part about physical intimacy is...
It's an enjoyable way to connect with others!
It is a lot of fun.
It can be romantic.
It feels good!
You get to make someone else feel happy.
Question 4/6
How long has your longest relationship been?
A year, maybe two.
Many years.
Usually a couple of dates, and that's it.
Never had a serious relationship, or very much experience at all.
I've had a semi-serious relationship before.
Question 5/6
Do you pay attention to your partner's happiness?
I always put my partner before myself.
I do what I enjoy, and they love when I'm happy.
Sometimes I sacrifice my own stuff, and get resentful about it later.
I try to, but sometimes it's really hard.
I think that compromise is important. If they want something, we discuss it.
Question 6/6
When relationships get tough, how do you handle it?
Why prolong the pain? Break up!
Let them down gently if it isn't working. That's the best way.
Figure out a way to work things out, but end it if no solution is reached.
Let them know that I'm unhappy and give them a chance to change.
Try to see it through. Maybe get counseling or other helpful tools.
110% Good in Bed!
Congratulations! Not only are you an amazing partner between the sheets, but most likely in the real world as well. You listen to your partners' needs without judging, and if you can help to make their world better in any way, you are willing to put in the world on it. if everyone was like you, the world would be a much better place!
80% Good in Bed!
While there are a few areas which need to be improved, you are excellent in bed already. You can also use this sensitivity to translate into bigger relationship issues as well. You are tenacious, and don't immediately go to the option of breakup over the simple act of disagreement. You're willing to learn more about things and do better. Great job!
60% Good in Bed
You're just over the halfway point -- congratulations! While you may wish for a higher score, this result is actually where most people can realistically expect to fall. When problems arise, you are willing to talk and try to work things out. However, you're not a pushover either. This is a great balance of experience and still room for growth, too.
40% Good in Bed
This is a category under which many younger or less experienced people fall. While you tend to put your own needs first most of the time, you are also self-aware enough to understand that your partner also has needs not just in the bedroom, but outside of it as well. We would recommend working on your communication skills and keeping a more open mind.
20% Good In Bed
Having a rating of 20% isn't really great, but don't let it bother you just yet. The good news is that there is some great 'basic' stuff here. You are likely in touch with your own physical and emotional mind, but you just need some help figuring out your partner. This is common when people don't have much experience. Don't worry -- time and a desire to learn can raise this score quickly and easily.
0% Good in Bed
Something doesn't seem to be connecting for you. Are you having trouble getting in touch with your own physical or emotional condition? Perhaps you've had bad experiences and are having trouble trusting other people, including yourself. Our recommendation is to open your mind a bit and figure out ways to heal from the past. The more healing you do, the more growth is possible!

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