How Healthy Are You?

Physical health can determine how long you live and what the quality of your life will be, but so can mental health. Whether you're in good shape or bad, there's always more to learn. What can you do to maximize your strengths and to improve those pesky weaknesses? Find out with our health quiz!

Let's Play!
Question 1/6
How often do you exercise?
Sometimes I go for a walk, just for fun though.
Me?? Exercise? Hah!
Every now and again I get some activity in. I really do try.
I try to excercise from time to time.
I exercise on a regula basis.
Question 2/6
Choose your favorite breakfast from these options:
Yuck, I never eat breakfast.
A big coffee and a tasty blueberry muffin or something really hits the spot!
Bacon, eggs, sausage, toast with butter and jelly, and pancakes dripping with syrup!
Some scrambled eggs, a bit of fruit, and some toast or a bagel.
Maybe just a small fruit salad or something.
Question 3/6
Stairs or elevator?
When it's a short trip up, I'll do the stairs. Long trip means I'm riding the elevator.
Usually the stairs.
I almost always take the stairs.
I try to mix it up from time to time. Half the time, stairs, and the other half I take the elevator.
Elevator forever!
Question 4/6
What do you do in your spare time?
I spend time with my family and friends, hanging out and going on adventures.
Mostly just chill and try to relax. I watch TV, play video games.
When I'm feeling adventurous, I might go for a walk or go shopping.
I like to read and meditate.
I'm pretty active. Sports, spending time with friends or family, and always looking for fun things to do.
Question 5/6
When life gives you lemons, you...
Try to make the best of whatever it is you are given.
Make lemonade. What the hell else is there to do with lemons?
Get annoyed, but still make an attempt to get things done.
Make sorbet from the juice, and potpourri from the peels.
Question 6/6
How's your social life?
Perfectly balanced: fun times with others, and relaxing time alone.
Sometimes its a bit hectic but overall, I enjoy it!
Crappy. I spend way too much time alone.
Good. I spend time alone and love it!
It's overwhelming, with everyone pulling me in different directions!
100% Healthy!
Congratulations! You have struck the perfect balance in your life! Your social life is just where you need it to be, you are good to your body, and you're even great at finding ways to relax when it becomes necessary. Remember that your body and mind are connected, so make an effort to stay happy as well as healthy. Good job!
80% Healthy!
You're doing very well! 80% is still better than most of the people who will take this quiz. Even though there are some areas to work on, you are trying to make your strengths work for you as you attempt to get those weak areas under control. Enjoy the journey, and remember... you are worth the effort!
60% Healthy!
Your overall health isn't so bad. You do try to opt for healthier foods when you can, and you make a real effort to move and work your body. However, you may be neglecting the emotional and mental components of good health. The mind and body can affect each other, so be sure to work on your stress levels and be gentle on yourself when you need to do so.
40% Healthy!
Your health is about average, but it really does need a bit more extra effort. The good news is that you often practice healthy living without even realizing it -- choosing to nourish yourself with adequate food and rest. You only need a few minor changes to increase your health level. Don't be scared to make small changes that really count!
20% Healthy!
OK, so maybe this isn't the world's best score. But that's OK! We all need to start somewhere. From time to time, you really do practice a few important parts of good health. But, it will be much better if you consciously decided to eat well, get in some exercise, and maintain that body-mind connection that can help lead you to a better overall state. Good luck!
0% Healthy!
Do you really think that it's a good idea to eat bacon and syrupy pancakes for breakfast every day, and veg out on the couch half the time? We understand -- life is too short to avoid the good stuff entirely, but it may be time to make some changes. Take a good look at your routines, and try to figure out small changes that you're comfortable making. It can really help you make strides in your health!

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