Are You Like Your Mother?

Moms - we all love them, but sometimes they can drive us crazy! Some of us have moms that are just like us. They taught us how to be the person we are today, and that shows. How much are you like your mother? Find out with this fun quiz.

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Question 1/4
Do you and your mother have the same interests?
Absolutely! Our interests are basically identical.
Many of the same interests, but there are a few things I like she's not into.
We've got quite a bit in common, but no one would call us personality twins.
Not really, but we can find a few similar interests to talk about.
No. It's pretty rare that we find something we're both interested in.
That's hilarious! No. We're opposites in everything.
Question 2/4
How often do you and your mother fight?
Never! We're basically best friends. I could never fight with my mom!
Very very rarely, but we've had a few fall outs.
Every once in a while, but it's usually not too serious.
Yeah - we quarrel a lot. But hey, we still love each other.
We pretty much can't stand each other, but we tolerate each other when we have to.
Always. And that's why I never visit her anymore.
Question 3/4
When you're with your mom, can you keep a conversation going?
Absolutely! You can hardly get us to shut up.
Yes, she's one of my favorite people to talk to.
We have a few lags, but the conversation usually goes pretty good.
It's dull at times, but we can keep it going.
Not always. Basically just small talk.
Nope. If I'm lucky I might get a "hello".
Question 4/4
Do you hide things from your mother?
Never! I tell her everything.
Precious few things - and it's only the worst stuff I don't tell anyone.
Yeah, there are a few things I keep from her. But for the most part I'm pretty open.
She'd probably judged me if I opened up to much, so no.
Yes. I try to tell her anything I can tell her, but there's a lot of things about me she wouldn't approve of.
Are you kidding me? If I told her anything she'd slit my throat.
You and your mother are worlds apart. Are you sure she raised you? You may get along with your mother (or you may not), but you’re definitely nothing like. You probably have a hard time figuring out what to talk about with her. And you may have very different personalities! This can cause a real tension on parent visits from time to time. Maybe you took after your father?
You and your mother have a few things in common, but by and large, the two of you are very different. You may have some of the same personality traits on a fundamental level, but when it comes to your interests, you’re probably worlds apart. Perhaps you and your mother are both fun and outgoing, but you’ve chosen very different friends over the years. The good news is, you probably have enough in common to not want to rip each others’ heads off!
You’ve got a fair amount in common with your mother. You’re no “BFF”s by any means, but you can have a good conversation with her about similar interests or thoughts. You’ve probably had a good bit of influence from her over the years, but something ended up placing you in different directions. Could be those rebellious teenage years!
You and your mom have enough in common to have a good relationship. You may have quite a few areas where you differ, but no one would be surprised to know your mom is your mom.
You've got a lot in common! You've always had a goo relationship with your mom, and you can definitely share in some serious laughs. Then again, you have some stark differences.
People can barely tell your personalities apart! You and you mom were obviously very close growing up. You have almost everything in common, and the things that you don't are so few that the two of you rarely notice them.

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