How Soft-Hearted Are You On A Scale 1-10?

Our hearts are not frozen things. They are living parts of us that move us to make self-sacrifice and endure us to others. Some of us get swayed a bit more than others. How warm is your heart?

Let's Play!
Question 1/10
Let’s start with a word game. Which word best describes you?
Question 2/10
Oh no! Your best friend needs to move and has asked you to help out. What do you do?
I offer to lend my vehicle and ask what time they want me there.
I shrug and say that if I am free I would gladly help.
I roll my eyes but if they ask me again I would probably give in.
I would suggest they hire a good moving company.
If I was free and they offer me dinner I might help for a couple of hours.
Question 3/10
A cat, that looks like it has been hungry for awhile, follows you home. What do you do?
Shoo it away and try and get rid of it.
Check my fridge and see if I have something safe to leave outside for it to eat.
Let it inside and check around for any lost animal notices. If no luck, find someone to adopt it.
I can’t leave the poor thing alone. I would keep it!
Ignore it and run home so you don’t have to look at it.
Question 4/10
You are at the cashier paying for your groceries and they ask if you would like to make a donation to their charity of the week. What do you say?
Pause for a moment and say to add a dollar to my bill.
Agree and then agree to whatever amount the cashier says.
Smile and jump at donating a reasonable amount.
Quietly say, “Not today thank you”
Simply say, “No” and pay your bill.
Question 5/10
You are in a long line of cars waiting to get through an intersection and you notice someone who is trying to pull out of a parking lot. They seem to have been there awhile, what do you do?
Feel bad that they had to wait so long and wave them in front of me.
Hesitate but end up letting them get in front of me.
Slow down a bit to see if they take advantage of the extra space.
Feel bad, but I am in a rush and don’t let them in.
Laugh to yourself that they are waiting and make sure they can’t get in.
Question 6/10
Congratulations, you won $10,000. What do you do with it?
I already have a list of things I am going to buy for myself, and a few for my close family members.
Save a bit, but spend a lot on fun.
Reasonably spend a good chunk but use a lot for gifts for friends and family. Maybe a group trip.
Share a percentage with charity, save some, and spend a small amount on gifts for others.
Donate it all, there are others more needy than myself.
Question 7/10
You are watching a sad movie, where a young child is falling ill to cancer. What is your reaction?
It is just a movie.
I would choke up a bit and might shed a tear
I would probably hide the tear that comes to my eye
I would openly cry a bit
I would start balling
Question 8/10
Your sibling is trying to get to the airport and their car breaks down. What do you do?
Drop everything and go help them. Doesn’t matter that it is 11pm.
Send them some cab fare
Check the web for a quick transit connection
Suggest they call a friend who lives closer and has a car
Laugh and wish them luck
Question 9/10
You are running low on money and one of your friends asks to borrow $20 so they can have enough gas till payday. What do you do?
Tell them you can’t help them out
Offer to drive them one or two days
Lend them the money
Tell them you can lend them $10
Feel bad, but tell them you can’t
Question 10/10
You are stopped by a stranger outside the grocery store asking if he could have some money to buy food for a couple of days. What do you do?
Hand him whatever change you have in your pocket
Pull out a few bills and hand them to him
Take him in the store and buy him groceries for a week
Try to ignore him
Tell him you can’t spare anything but feel guilty about it

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