How Southern Are You?

How Southern are you? Are you a Scarlett O’Hara belle with hoop skirts and a parasol, or the type to kill your own dinner? Take this quiz and find out!

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Question 1/5
What’s your go-to comfort food?
Ice cream you’ve churned yourself
Fried chicken and cornbread
Fresh berries and whipped cream
Sweet iced tea
Question 2/5
Do you have an accent?
Bigtime. Folks don’t usually understand when you “tawk suthern.”
Yes, but people have trouble placing the region
Just enough to be charming
Yes, and people can identify the region you’re from when you speak
You lost most of it when you went away to university
Question 3/5
What were you doing last Sunday?
Making your own marmalade
Taking music lessons
Shootin’ ‘gaters
Attending a quilting bee
Question 4/5
Which state do you feel most comfortable in?
West Virginia
Question 5/5
Which movie character do you most relate to?
Jake Brigance from A Time to Kill
Joe Dirt
Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird
Allie Hamilton from The Notebook
Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind
deep, deep south
… and proud of it! You’re about as southern as they get – you’re hard core! You like grandma’s home cooked recipes – especially her deep fried chicken and cornbread – and wouldn’t be scared if you saw an alligator in a swamp. You’re known for your bravery.
proud of your southern roots
You’re proud of your southern culture and adore the manners, hospitality and generosity of the people living in the region. You’re more likely than the average person to partake in all the region has to offer. You envision yourself raising a family and growing old in the south, because that’s where you’re comfortable.
Incidentally southern
Everyone has to come from somewhere. You happen to be from the south, but you don’t let that define you. You’re well-travelled, worldly, and not attached to any particular region. Home is where your work and your life takes you.
a southern belle
You’re spunky, spirited and love having a good time. Others see you as old school, charming and traditional. They think they know what to expect from you, but once in a while, you surprise them by thinking outside the box.
old money
You may have come from a privileged background and as a result, you’re happy and confident. You likely had a picturesque childhood. You’re educated and have travelled outside of the south, which makes you worldlier and more sophisticated than your counterparts

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