How Well-Balanced Are You?

Everyone at a point in time expresses some level of fear. The difference between the brave and the coward is their level of fear. This quiz can reveal how big your fear is.

Let's Play!
Question 1/6
You opened your mail one morning and saw your dismissal letter, what will you do?
Weep and wail the rest of my life
Take a legal action
Think about extablishing my own business
Forget about it and move on
Colapse and die
Question 2/6
What will be your reaction to your spouse proposal for divorce?
Commit suicide
Consult a marriage counselor
Plead with him fervently
Take it easy
Report to his parents
Question 3/6
How do you feel alone?
Question 4/6
You heard a knock one night, you opened and it was armed robbers. What will be your first reaction?
Shout for help
Fight my way out
Call the police hot line
Collapse immediately
Don’t even know what you will do
Question 5/6
When can you walk alone?
Question 6/6
You are walking by the brook, and something pounces on you unexpectedly, what will you do?
Find my way back home immediately
Look out for what bounced on you.
Shout for help
Collapse immediately
Calm down.
Highly Optimistic
You are hopeful and courageous, willing to move on come what may. Circumstances do not deter you from achieving your dreams.
a Risk Taker
You act bravely sometimes and other times cowardly. You are willing to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. You are a risk taker and can be a good business man. With determination, your dreams and not shattered and you often succeed in business.
You are often indifferent with respect to future prospects. You follow due diligence with the fear of losing your job. You handle your husband with care and monitor him constantly with the fear of losing him. You simply take no chances.
a Pessimist
You live in fear though sometimes you do not know why. You always have a negative sense of happenings. You are always content with what you have and not ready to take any risk at all.Your husband has become your boss and you feel like he can divorce you at any time to make you miserable. You work hard for fear of dismissal.

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