What 3 Qualities are UNIQUE About You?

We are all unique and amazing individuals, but what combination of traits truly stand out for you compared to your friends and family? What makes you special? Let's find out.

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Question 1/10
Let's start with some philosophy. How do you feel about rules?
Rules are here to be followed
Rules are good, but when I my own ethics win out
They should always be considered, but might need to be flexible
Everything should be flexibile
Meh, I just live life
Question 2/10
You are invited to the most amazing New Years Party, how do you spend you night?
Time to party like its 1999!
Oh, I would enjoy myself, but be careful with my indulgence
I would make sure to have a partner to keep me safe, but have fun
Probably cautiously check it out, but stay to the side
Stay home
Question 3/10
You promised your friend to spend the evening with them, but you made a mistake at work that will take you all night to complete. What do you do?
Stay a bit late and then come in early to finish
My friend comes first totally
Cancel with my friend and finish up
Tell my friend I will be a bit late and then everything I can't finish can wait
Do everything I can and then make an excuse in the morning
Question 4/10
You are trying to plan a family get together, how do you do it?
Try to find a way to creatively accommodate everyone
Have everyone bring a few dishes
Make a range of choices for people
Just make it simple and if someone complains they can plan the next one
Make everything as random and diverse as possible
Question 5/10
How would you describe your friendship groups
I have one or two friends, who are just like me
I have a couple of friends, but mostly stick to family
I have a few close friends and a couple of groups that I interact with
I have a wide range of friends who I get along with
It is hard to judge closeness of friends since I seem to just get along with everyone and do my own thing
Question 6/10
When planning a vacation what would you prioratize
Balancing activities and down time
Getting to try a wide range of experiences
Keeping everything organized
Leaving flexibility to do whatever
Not greatly breaking my routines
Question 7/10
Describe a shopping trip
I buy stuff when I need it
I normally have a list and tend to stick to it
Oooh, that looks interesting
A healthy balance of tasty and healthy
I tend to have a plan that gets thrown it
Question 8/10
How would you describe yourself?
Well organized
Question 9/10
What do you value in other people?
They listen to my opinion
They don't rock the boat, too much
They let me do my own thing
They are adventerous
They help add some color
Question 10/10
Which game sounds more fun?
Truth or Dare
Game of Life

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