What 4-Letter Word Best Describes You?

There are lots of four-letter words that shouldn’t be used (joke! It’s a joke!). Then there’s the word that best describes you. This test will spell out you personality for you in just four words!

Let's Play!
Question 1/6
There’s a skinny squirrel on your lawn. You:
Leave it alone
Take a picture with your phone
Bang on the window to chase the mangy critter away.
Throw it some peanuts
Throw it your expensive mixed nuts that your friend brought from Hawaii
Question 2/6
Two kids are at your door. They’re collecting donations for their softball tournament. You give:
Nothing. You don’t even answer the door
$2. It’s all you have, and you don’t have any kids in ball
You don’t have any money… So you write them a cheque and give them some cookies
You played ball as a kid, so you give $10
Question 3/6
There’s garbage blowing around on the sidewalk during your morning run. You:
Pick it up if only if you see a garbage can
Pick it up if it’s in your neighbourhood
Step over it
Pick it up and run out of your way to throw it out
Pick it up – and run three miles with it before seeing a trash bin
Question 4/6
Someone sitting next to you sneezes and sniffles. You:
Say, ‘bless you!’
Offer a tissue
Glare at them and change seats
Say nothing
Offer a tissue and comment on how it is allergy season. Ask if they are feeling OK
Question 5/6
An old lady dents your door in the grocery store parking lot. She is very apologetic. What is your reaction?
Assure her that the dent is really nothing and that it is fine. It’s just a bit of pain
You yell at her until she cries
You collect her insurance information and let her know that your company will contact her if necessary
You ask her if she is OK. She appears really shaken
Tell her your car is fine and absorb the cost of repairs yourself
Question 6/6
Your favorite holiday is:
You don’t like holidays – then you have to buy gifts
Halloween. There’s candy and no church
Your birthday! It’s your day!
Christmas. You love to spoil others
Easter. There’s candy4
Nothing fazes you. You’re like water off a duck’s back. You can be nice if others are nice to you, nasty if provoked, but most of all, you just react appropriately to a situation. Your emotions are always genuine.
You can be fiery and passionate. Laconic towards things you don’t really care for, but fiercely protective of loved ones and things you believe in.
You’re an all-around lovely person. People trust you and like you, and were probably the Homecoming Queen or King at your high school. You’re generous and giving without being a complete pushover. Well done!
Are you for real? You’re like a modern-day Mother Teresa – you don’t have a mean bone in your body. You’d give someone the shirt off your back, even if you end up with nothing to wear. That’s all well, but make sure that people aren’t asking too much of you.

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