What 80s Hit Song Are You?

The 1980s was the golden era for hair bands, cheesy ballads, shimmering tunes and death metal. Which hit song title from that time best describes your personality?

Let's Play!
Question 1/5
What’s your relationship status?
Happily (and permanently) coupled
You’re dating around
In love
Sadly, you’re going to be alone forever
You’re single and loving it
Question 2/5
What’s your favourite shape?
Heart, of course!
A smiley face is a shape, right?
A square
A blob
Question 3/5
Your alcoholic beverage of choice is a:
A shot of tequila
Glass of champagne
A glass of red wine
Two fingers of whiskey
A beer
Question 4/5
What do you do for a living?
I’m a doctor
I’m a professional clown
I’m a professional athlete
I’m a bartender
I’m a counsellor
Question 5/5
What’s your favourite Friday night activity?
Singing karaoke at a bar with close friends
Dinner at a nice restaurant
Going to the movies
After the week you just had? Relaxing at home
Front-row seats at a major sporting event
'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now'
Written for the film Mannequin by Albert Hammond Jr’s dad after a messy break up, this was a soft rock anthem which remained atop of the UK singles charts for weeks and weeks. Like this song, you’re optimistic, a romantic, cute and cuddly, and truly lovable.
‘With Or Without You’
U2 emotional rock ballads like this from their colossal album The Joshua Tree, ‘With or Without You’ is heartfelt, emotional and realistic – just like you. You’re popular and people can relate to you.
'Livin’ On A Prayer'
Like this song that Jon Bon Jovi made popular, you’re energetic and always ready for fun. Some people may see you as impulsive and slightly disorganized, but that is part of your charm.
'Fairytale Of New York'
It wouldn’t be Christmas without this cute song. Like this song, you’ve got a great sense of humor, an excellent sense of fun, and you’re always the life of the party.
'Tainted Love'
This song was a Number One hit in 17 countries, when it came out. It’s slightly pessimistic, but in a self-deprecating kind of way – kind of like you. But you’re a survivor, and people admire you for it.

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