What Did Your Parents Teach You?

Our family is the reason that we grow up from children into the people that we'll turn out to be. When you experience life under the guidance of other people, you have many opportunities to learn and grow. Have your parents taught you to be loving, kind, smart? Take this quiz and learn about yourself.

Let's Play!
Question 1/6
What was your childhood like?
It was pretty awful. I still have difficulties dealing with it.
Mostly good, but I've learned from the mistakes I've made.
Some good and some bad, but now I can help others deal with their own issues.
Not all of it was perfect, but I've learned to cope by using humor.
I've had some tough times, but I've always done my best even when I've failed.
Question 2/6
When you care about someone, how do you show it?
I might feel a little shy, but I keep trying to get the courage to tell them.
Sometimes I break the ice with a little joke.
I'm not shy about it. If I care, I say so.
I try to do things for them, and let my actions speak for themselves.
I look at the situation and judge on a case by case basis.
Question 3/6
How do you manage conflict or disagreements?
I try to keep an open mind, and see the other side of it.
I give into what they want. Maybe it's just easier that way.
It's not easy. I struggle with anger at times.
I try to see their view, but also share my own so that we can compromise.
Sometimes I try to lighten the tension with a subject change or a small joke.
Question 4/6
Are you on good terms with your family right now?
I try to keep everyone on an even keel, but it's not easy.
For the most part, yes. We disagree sometimes, but always try to be respectful.
We rarely interact much, but I'll keep trying.
No. We don't get along.
Yes, we do get along well. We care about each other.
Question 5/6
How much success have you had in your life so far?
Definitely had my share. I enjoy helping to support others, too.
I've had some, and I've worked my a-- off for all of it!
Quite a bit. I've learned from my mistakes early on.
There have been some failures and some successes. I keep trying though.
The biggest success I can ever have is the love and respect of those I care about.
Question 6/6
What kinds of goals and dreams do you have for the future?
I want to get to a better place so that I can help others.
I want to be surrounded with love.
Nothing, just focusing on making it through the day.
I've got some pretty big plans, wait and see.
Not sure yet, but I'm working hard to figure that out.
The Importance of Love
Real love doesn't come from a place of judgement or arrogance. Instead, love is humble but powerful. Your parents have laid the foundation for your heart to learn, to grow, and to share that love with the world. You are a naturally caring person, and are always emotionally ready to share your love with others. People are naturally drawn to you, because they know you're caring and kind!
An Open Heart
Your parents have taught you that the most important part of life involves giving to other people. When you share with the folks in your circle, you are making the world a much better place. You are also getting in return the good feeling that comes with being generous and kind. Few people learn this lesson early in life, but by now you can be proud of your abilities!
A Sense of Humor
In your mind, loving is eternally connected with laughing. Even if you're having the worst day ever, you can look around for the humor in your situation. Chances are good that you'll often find it, too. You can also use this gift very wisely in order to resolve conflict, and to lift up the spirits of those around you as well. This is a great quality to have!
Common Sense
Common sense is like a rare gem these days. It's impossible to find, and must only come to us through sheer luck. Fortunately, your upbringing has given you much more common sense than most people have been given. Cherish your special talent, and don't be afraid to share it with others by helping out when they need a bit of advice.
Life hasn't always turned out amazing for you, but that's OK. Your parents have taught you the lessons that involve being persistent, going after what you feel is important, and always believing in yourself. You are a spiritual person with a great deal of determination. Keep that faith in yourself, in others, and in the world strong -- it'll help you through the tough times and make the great times even better!
Life can be tough, and everyone knows it. Sounds like you may have had a particularly rough time growing up. However, the positive side to a difficult childhood is that you've learned that life doesn't always turn out to be perfect, and also to be thankful for the parts that are going well. Here's to better days ahead!

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