What Era Are You From?

Are you more of an old-fashioned soul? Or are you modern? Throughout history, there have been interesting ways of life: different looks, different customs, and many ways to relate to the people around us. The best part of being a part of life in this modern time is that we are free to pick and choose what we want to be. Find out which era you would be best at home in with this fascinating quiz.

Let's Play!
Question 1/6
What clothing style suits you best?
I really hate wearing clothes. They just get in the way.
Something cool and natural.
I get cold easily, so let's wear something warm.
I love things that are stylish and elaborate.
Whatever is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear.
Question 2/6
Lunch time! What'll you order?
Something healthy, maybe a salad?
An elaborate meal, presented beautifully.
A pill that contains all of the nutrients that you need.
As long as there's plenty of it, I don't care.
I want a big slab of meat. Let's get BBQ!
Question 3/6
What was your favorite subject in school?
Civics or Social Studies
English or Literature
Question 4/6
Finally, you have time to yourself. What will you do?
Probably call my friends or play some games on my phone.
I need to get outside and do something physical. I have a lot of energy.
Play some video games!
Maybe enjoy some music and chill.
I'll read a book, or perhaps go for a stroll outside.
Question 5/6
Let's watch TV! What would you like to see?
'Once Upon a Time'
'Downton Abbey'
'Mad Men'
'Star Trek'
'The Walking Dead'
Question 6/6
How would you ask your crush out on a date?
Wait for someone else to introduce you, and possibly go along on the date.
Flirt and play it coy - but let them know you'd say yes if they asked!
Ask a friend to pass a note to them.
Maybe text them, or hit them up on social media.
Grab them by the arm and say "You're mine now!"
The Future
Some might see you as an unusual type of person... but actually, we'd like to classify you as just being ahead of your time. You pride yourself, and others, on efficiency without worrying too much about the little details. No matter what sorts of things are happening around you, you're always able to keep calm and help others through. People love your forward way of thinking!
The Present Day
Congratulations, you have been born in the era that's just perfect for YOU! Your interests in things that are historical is about equal with your anticipation of the future. You can appreciate both modern ways of doing things, as well as age-old traditions that have withstood the test of time. People like you for your balanced and open-minded view of life.
The 1960s
As long as you're on the scene... everything is just groovy, baby! You're interest and care in other people is easily expressed by your desire to make the world a better place. You tend to respect other people, but you also love having fun and showing them how much you care. People love your laid back attitude, and philosophy of peace and love.
The Victorian Era
Romantic, philosophical, and always interested in improving the world around you... that's you in a nutshell. Not only do you insist on being polite and respectful to others, you also pride yourself on your interest in learning and in always looking stylish everywhere that you go. You have many admirers of your style and wit!
The Middle Ages
You would be right at home in the era of kings and queens, knights and princesses. Even though there will be dragons for you to slay, you're always ready to pitch in and start swinging that sword! You also understand that there are codes of ethics to follow, and you treat others with love and respect. You're a faithful friend!
Prehistoric Times
Even though you're currently stuck in modern times, you would have fit in perfectly with our cave-dwelling ancestors. Your survival skills are amazing, you love to be physical and solve problems in the simplest and most efficient ways possible. You are low-maintenance... As long as you've got your basic needs met, you're pretty happy.

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