What Is Your Inner Nationality?

You may have been born in India, Africa, Scotland or Canada. But where were you really destined to live? Take this quiz and find out!

Let's Play!
Question 1/6
You’re at a restaurant. What do you order?
Fish and chips
Rice and veggies
Burgers and fries
Nice cheese
Smoked meat
Question 2/6
Your favorite Sunday pastime is:
Cycling past the Eiffel Tower and buying pastries
Going for lunch
Reading up on the Royals, Prince William and Duchess Kate
Taking in a football game
Going hiking
Question 3/6
What’s the outfit you can’t live without?
Silky pajamas
T-shirt and jeans
A warm coat and boots
A tailored suit and a hat
Anything black
Question 4/6
What tourist attraction would you like to see most?
The Great Wall of China
Big Ben
Moulin Rouge
The Bay of Fundy
Question 5/6
What’s your beverage of choice?
Herbal tea
Question 6/6
What’s on your mantle?
A game-winning football
An Inuit carving
Royal Doulton China
Bone china
You should have been British!
You’re into British culture! Tea with the royals, James Bond and having the coolest accent are things that interest you. Just don’t forget your umbrella when travelling – a good Brit is always prepared for the rain!
Parles-tu Francais?
Vive la France! You should have been French. You like the good things in life, like food, flirting, and the great outdoors. You’re effortlessly fashionable and trendy and believe in savoring life’s joys where you can find them.
You’re Chinese at heart
You’re hardworking, technologically advanced, polite and well-travelled. You like good food and hanging out with friends and family. You’ve always got something on the go.
Let us guess – are you American?
You love barbecue, hitting the open road, adventures, music, fashion and being outside. You enjoy the good things in life, and that’s great! Life is meant to be lived. We’ll see you at the next football game!
You’re Canadian
You’re easygoing and apologize a lot. You’re extremely polite and dress conservatively. You probably like to read and watch the news.

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