What Is Your Sixth Sense?

We all have five senses, don't we? Our senses are the basic characteristics. There is however a sixth sense which you have and perhaps you are ignorant of. Just take this quiz and you will be surprise to know what your sixth sense is.

Let's Play!
Question 1/6
What was the first thing you noticed when you first entered the restaurant?
a. The voice of many people talking at once
b. The smell of food
c. The frenzy feeling in the room
d. All the people crammed into the lunch table
e. The tastless pastries you ate
Question 2/6
How do you apologise to your husband when you offend them?
a. Bake him some cookies, hoping to entice him with the small
b. Make a frame picture of the two of you
c. Play his favourate music
d. Make his best meal for him to apease him.
e. Hold him hostage while you apologise
Question 3/6
If you have to choose an extra course of study, what will you choose?
a. Peer counselling
b. Radio and journalism
c. Cooking
d. Photography and drawing
e. Ornamentation and Flowering Plants
Question 4/6
Imagine you are at the beach. what do you enjoy most?
a. The sound of the waves
b.The smell of the salty water
c. The smoothness of the sand
d. The color of the waves
e. The salty taste of the water
Question 5/6
When waiting for a friend in the living room, what would you like to do?
a. Turn on some music and dance around
b. Apply deodorant-have to smell good
c. Stare at yourself in the mirror
d. Write in your dairy
e. Take a bite of a piece of cake
Question 6/6
What helps you most, when studying for a test?
a. Make colorful charts and drawings out of the notes
b. Engage in a group discussion
c. Study in the garden...all the aroma from the flowers boost me up
d. Bake sample cakes to resemble some key aspects of the notes
e. Hold your notes tight as you read
What you here has a great impact on your daily life. You like listening to music and enjoy places where they make a lot of noise such as clubs and shows.
You are moved by what you see. you enjoy the sight of lilies and flowers and often wants to be in contact with nature. You learn by demonstration and you are good at sign language.
You always want to be in the company of friends. You are moved by a sense of feeling. you admire things most when you touch them.
Taste is your major sense. a bite gives you the most satisfaction. You often wished all things are tasteful.
The aroma of things charms you most. You like visiting places where scented roses are given out their sweet aroma. You enjoy using high scented perfumes because you really want to smell good.

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