What Is Your Strongest Belief?

We all have beliefs and convictions that we base our lives off of. It is our beliefs that set a foundation of meaning and reason in our lives. We all believe in different things, sometimes spiritual, sometimes personal, sometimes human. What do you believe in the most?

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Question 1/5
Which of the following do you most value?
God - in whatever form you believe in him
Good policy
Your own personal goals
Other people
Your children
Nothing in particular...
Question 2/5
Which statement do you think is most true?
The reason for human existence is to be a medium for the divine.
A just society is necessary for a happy life
Be the change you want to see in the world
All humans are born good
A child can be anything he or she desires
Truth is relative
Question 3/5
What is your passion?
Serving a purpose beyond yourself and beyond this Earth
Serving society
Making yourself better
Helping others
Raising your kids the best you can
You don't really have one
Question 4/5
How do you define goodness?
God is good
Fairness and justice is good
You are good
Humanity is good
Your children are good
Nothing is good, nothing is bad
Question 5/5
What makes you happy?
Feeling closer to the truth of the universe
When your favorite candidate gets elected
When you reach a goal you've set for yourself
When you see another person's day get better
When your child succeeds at something
It changes from time to time
- Yourself
You know that, with some work, you can be the absolute best version of yourself. You're committed to doing everything for yourself you can in order to get closer to your passions. You believe in your ability and potential more than anything.
is the goodness of others
People are what makes your life worth living. You find it hard to find the bad in others, and when you do, you usually rationalize it into something good. You want to help others more than anything. You're an altruistic soul, and we need more of you in this world.
are your children
Your children are your life. You care more about them than you do about most things. You see yourself in your children, and you want more than anything to bring them up the right way.
- You have no strong beliefs
You believe truth is relative and nothing can really be proven. You probably spend a lot of time philosophizing and not a lot of time doing anything. That's okay, no one is complaining. We need plan thinkers in the world.

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