What Is Your True Destiny?

We’re each born with our own unique set of talents. Are you artistic? Good with numbers? Maybe you’re a skilled wordsmith, or have an excellent memory. Take this quiz to find out!

Let's Play!
Question 1/5
You’re hungry and there are three ingredients in the fridge for dinner. They don’t go together. You:
Go to the cellar and scrounge up some canned food, and incorporate the fresh ingredients
Throw caution to the wind and invent a new dish. Yum!
Google the three ingredients and see what comes up
Decide it’s faster and more appetizing to order in
Decide two of the things (cheese and bread) go together and make a sandwich. Leave the asparagus out!
Question 2/5
You’re playing tourist for the day. Which attraction do you gravitate towards?
The museum of technology
The art gallery
You see which one’s the closest and which attraction got the best reviews
The writer’s festival
Go to the one that has the best exhibit on at the moment
Question 3/5
What’s your dream job?
CEO of a major corporation
Question 4/5
Who do you secretly idolize?
Thomas Edison
Van Gogh
Stephen King
Albert Einstein
Donald Trump
Question 5/5
If your friends could use one word to describe you, what would it be?
You’re creative, carefree and see a side of things that no one else does. You may put your talents to use as a sculptor, painter, sketch artist, or simply appreciate the finer things in life.
You embrace new ideas and solutions. If a plan doesn’t exist, you’re more than happy to make one. Friends applaud your creativity and smarts. You’d make a great entrepreneur.
You’re excellent with the written word, and with self-expression. You have the gift of gab and would make a great author, communicator, or politician.
You see the sensible side of things. To you, everything happens for a good reason, and because all events led up to it. People come to you when they need an explanation, or when they need help making a decision.
You’re great with numbers, but that’s not all. You’re highly scientific, smart, and a thinker. People love you because you’re a precise, punctual perfectionist.

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