What Kind Of Dog Is Your Soul?

Are you easygoing, or ambitious? Like people, dogs are all different and breed of dog has its own characteristics. Which breed of dog do you identify with most? Take this test and find out!

Let's Play!
Question 1/6
What’s your favourite weekend activity?
Catching a flick at the local cinema
Getting a massage
Target practice at the shooting range
Volunteering at the food bank
Baking cookies for your family
Question 2/6
What do you do for a living? (Choose the closest answer.)
Question 3/6
Your favorite food is:
Shepherd’s pie and a side of veggies
Question 4/6
A movie you can’t stop watching over and over again is:
A League of their Own
The Notebook
The Twilight series
Question 5/6
Which outfit that makes you feel amazing?
A beautiful cashmere sweater and your favorite designer jeans
Your favorite sweater and some comfy cords
Anything leopard print
Flannel pajamas
Silky boxers and a camisole
Question 6/6
What do you dream about at night?
Being a detective and solving a crime
You can never remember
Saving the homeless
Your kids
Pit Bull
You’re rough and tough, and some may call you aggressive, but you’re just passionate and protective of those you love. You may feel misunderstood from time to time.
Saint Bernard
You’re strong, dependable, reliable and heroic. You like to take care of others, but make sure there is someone to take care of you, too.
Golden Retriever
You’re family-oriented, fun-loving, caring and nice as can be. You’re popular and loved, and for good reason. You’re well-rounded and as nice as apple pie.
You’re chilled out, and relaxed and easygoing. People usually get along with you, and you fit into any group. People find you easy to talk to and relate to.
You like the finer things in life, and to be pampered and spoiled. While there is nothing wrong with a little self-indulgence, try doing something on your own steam now and again.

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