What Kind of Heart Do You Have?

Your heart will often reflect the way that you see the world. When you discover your path to your true self through the style of your heart's emotions, you will gain better insight into yourself as well as your relationships. Take this quiz to learn more about how you relate to others best!

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Question 1/6
How are you best able to learn?
By connecting with other people.
By being able to trust whoever's teaching me.
By taking the time I need to concentrate.
By stepping back and looking at the big picture first.
By not giving up until I've figured it out.
Question 2/6
What's your preferred way of communication?
Laughter and humor are always welcome!
I step back and give the other person the space they need.
I try different things until I figure out what works best.
By staying close and gaining the other's trust.
By listening, then responding to the other person's needs.
Question 3/6
What's the best way to heal when your heart is broken?
No matter how much it hurts, I push myself to move on.
I reach out to the people I trust.
I give myself whatever time I need, even if it's more than usual.
Try to lighten up by looking at what's good around me.
By learning about my feelings, I can resolve them easier.
Question 4/6
How is the best way to protect your heart?
I don't protect it; I let my instincts decide which people to trust.
Sometimes I shield myself with humor or a subject change.
The situation is different each time. I'll evaluate it when the time comes.
Don't let anyone in! Be careful!
Only reserve your loyalty for those who really deserve it.
Question 5/6
Which of these makes your heart fill with joy?
Succeeding in something after lots of hard work.
Teaching other people and sharing what I know.
Helping others and making them see how wonderful the world is.
Fun, a lighthearted attitude, and lots of laughter!
When someone tells me just how they feel, right now.
Question 6/6
Finally -- which type of heart do you get along best with?
A loving and patient one.
A heart who responds to love and kindness.
Someone faithful and dependable.
One who gives results.
An intelligent one.
Intelligent Heart!
Even though you pride yourself on your calm, cool intellect, your Heart of Intelligence is surprisingly sensitive as well. When emotions run high, you have the ability to step back and to inject logic into any situation in order to comfort and help those around you. People admire your sense of balance between the logical realm and the emotional one.
Heart of Persistence!
You're known for being strong and tough. When challenges occur in your life, your Heart of Persistence does not allow you to simply back down or to hide. Other people are inspired by your strength and tenacity. You don't give up easily, and you can use your emotionally persistent ways to motivate others as well.
Heart of Loyalty!
Trustworthy and also trusting, the Heart of Loyalty enables you to be perceived as honest, faithful, and true to your word. Other people really respect you for the fact that you tend to be up front about whom you are and what you stand for, yet at the same time you also respect them for themselves as well. Your loyal nature makes you a wonderful and faithful friend.
Heart of Patience!
Rare and valuable, those with a Heart of Patience have a deeper insight into 'the big picture' of things, than the average person. Instead of worrying about trivial everyday stuff -- which you do take into consideration -- you also understand that the present is merely a moment in the big scheme of life. Others admire this patience, and often wish they had as much as you do!
Heart of Kindness!
When you reach out to others who are in need, you are doubly blessed. The Heart of Kindness is among the rarest heart types in the world. It is characterized by a love and caring of others, as well as a desire to do good things in the world. Your kind nature draws people to you, and your willingness to comfort and help them can form lifelong friendships with many people.
Whimsical Heart!
To those with a Whimsical Heart, love and laughter are merely two sides of the same coin. When you are able to inject humor into your everyday living -- as well as that of the people you love -- you feel free and true to yourself. Making others open up and smile is one of your most favorite achievements in life. People always remember those with a Whimsical Heart for their sense of fun and caring.
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