What Kind Of Lady Are You?

Are you someone who others fear to contend with? Or are you approachable and the kind of person others love to confide in? Take this quiz and find out how you come across to others!

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Question 1/6
Your favorite Friday night activity is:
Going to a home jewelry party with your girlfriends
Meeting friends for cocktails before hitting the newest club for some dancing
Checking out a poetry slam in the arts district
Going to a baseball game – and wolfing down some burgers afterwards – with your guy friends
Having a sleepover with your two best girlfriends
Question 2/6
You reach the door of a restaurant at the same time as a guy. You:
Open it for him because he’s holding a kid and two bags
Open it for him
See who reaches for the door first. It’s not a big deal
Wait for him to open it for you, and thank him with your best smile
Guys open doors, so you wait for him to make a move
Question 3/6
The outfit that gets the most wears in your closet is:
Your running gear
Slimming yoga pants and a flattering hoodie
A designer pantsuit you wear to meetings
Spanx and a little black dress
A sparkly pink T-shirt and some trendy, expensive jeans
Question 4/6
You’re at the dentist’s office with some time to kill. Which magazine do you reach for?
Road and Track
Good Housekeeping
Question 5/6
Your celebrity girl crush is:
Gloria Steinem
Pre-jail Martha Stewart
Angelina Jolie
Taylor Swift
Surfer Bethany Hamilton
Question 6/6
How do you usually sit?
On the floor
On a stool
With your legs crossed
In an office chair with your back straight
Curled up on the couch
a hardcore feminist
You’re not going to put up with any nonsense from anyone. Women have worked so hard to get where they are today and you reason that you’re not one to set anyone back. You’re self-sufficient, ambitious, career-oriented, passionate about what you do and maybe… dare we say it – possibly a little intimidating.
a tomboy
You’re fun-loving, up for anything, and not afraid to get a little dirty or sweaty to work for what you want. You’re approachable and guys and girls alike find you down-to-earth and easy to relate to.
You may or may not have your own brood, but you’re definitely the nurturing type. You like creature comforts, like fuzzy slippers, food (whether or not you cook it yourself), and movie nights on cold rainy evenings. You can make anyone feel better and people find your personality soothing.
a glam-girl
You’re always up for a good time and trying something new. You’re adventurous, high-energy, funny and the life of the party. Men find you attractive and women want to be you, if only for a night. People love to be around you. You’re never a wallflower.
You’re feminine, fun-loving and dainty. You like the finer things in life and love to be spoiled. Fortunately, people find you to be cute and will line up to indulge you! You’re sweet-tempered, idealistic and loving. Real life hasn’t broken you yet – so don’t let it!

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