What Kind Of Wife Are You?

Are you the kind of wife every guy dreams of? Or are you more of the ball-and-chain type? Take this quiz and find out!

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Question 1/5
It’s late. Both you and your spouse just got home from work, and you’re both hungry. You:
Wait for your husband to make you dinner while you have a snack
Take out the dinner you prepared just that morning and heat it up. You fix him a drink and tell him to put his feet up while he waits
Take a casserole out from the freezer and put it into the oven
Open the dish you picked up from the caterer on your way home
Picked up McDonalds on your way home
Question 2/5
Your husband is having a milestone birthday. You:
Buy a card on your way home – if you remember
Plan a surprise party several months in advance and invite all of his coworkers and friends – and pull it off without a hitch
Plan a sweet, family-only surprise party
Take him out to dinner on his birthday
Hire a party planner to throw a party
Question 3/5
Your daughter needs help studying for a math test. That’s your husband’s territory, but it’s his bowling night. You:
Put your own plans aside for the night and help your daughter – your husband deserves his night out
Take on tutor duty. No problem – you have the time
Flatly refuse to help just so he could go bowling – she’s his daughter, too.
Help your daughter so your husband can go out, under the condition that he quiz her on her French the next night
Complain a little that you never get a night off, but grudgingly help him out
Question 4/5
Your husband’s been invited to his friend’s bachelor party. You’ve heard rumours that there will be some scantily-clad women there. You:
Let him go, but warn him not to touch. You also ask your brother-in-law to look out for him
Let him go, of course. Those ladies have nothing on you. You know you’re beautiful, sexy AND smart
Worry a little, but let him go. Your relationship is built on trust
Let him go, but secretly follow him to the house and press your nose against the window to spy on him
Give him a peepshow before he goes to remind him how hot you, his wife, are
Question 5/5
Why did you marry your husband?
He was just as smart, ambitious, caring, loving and good-looking as you are. It’s hard to find your match!
You two seemed like a good fit. It was a match made in Heaven
You can’t really remember. It seemed like a good idea at the time
He had a good income and was very handsome. He promised to take care of you, no matter what
He proposed, so you said yes
an Alpha Wife
You not only have your husband under your thumb, you’ve got the household accounts organized, the kids under your watchful eye and you’re rocking your career. You’re running a tight ship. Kudos to you!
June Cleaver
You’re not only a perfect wife, you’re a model mother, too. Everyone loves you, and for good reason – you take excellent care of everyone. Make sure you have time for yourself and to cater to your own needs as well.
a Stepford Wife
You don’t miss a beat. You’re perfect on the outside – perfect hair and body, immaculate home, well-behaved children. But do you have enough of an identity outside of being Mrs. Perfect? Ensure that you have a hobby you enjoy and friends of your own.
a Trophy Wife
You’re the kind of wife that your husband loves to show off. You’re likely extremely attractive, extraordinarily accomplished, and artistic, literary, graceful, charming, or all of the above. No wonder he loves to shower you with gifts and attention! But do you have enough real-world smarts to make it on your own if you need to?
Peggy Bundy
You’re a bit of the proverbial ball and chain. You love the good life, and having a good time, but do little to make it happen. Try putting in some elbow grease and giving your husband a bit of extra love and affection now and then. It could do wonders for your marriage!

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