What Natural Disaster Are You Like?

When they hit, they’re generally a bit of a mess to an outright catastrophe. When you’re mad, which natural disaster are you the most like? How much should people fear you?

Let's Play!
Question 1/6
You lend a signed copy of your favorite book to your friend. She returns it to you chewed; it appears that her dog has gotten to it. You:
You’re mad at yourself for lending her one of your prized possessions when you know she has that beagle
Yell at her and ask her how she can be so irresponsible
Demand that she replace it, or you will never speak to her again
You find out the value of the signed book and ask her for the money to replace it
Let it go. It’s only a book, and it’s still readable
Question 2/6
When people see you mad, they generally:
Ask you what’s wrong
Don’t do anything differently
Physically avoid you
Avoid speaking to you, but are able to share the same space
Question 3/6
A co-worker accidentally deletes one of your working files. You:
Become angry and let her know that you will have to stay late to do the work again
Let the boss know that it was your co-worker’s mistake and ask for a deadline extension
Throw a fit. That was several hours of work!
Ask her if she is able to help you re-create the files
Quietly stay late for 45 minutes one night and re-create the files. You remember most of the content, anyway
Question 4/6
The neighbor’s dog poops on your lawn. She doesn’t know you saw her and fails to scoop it. Your reaction?
Leave it in a bag on her doorstep
Ask her to pick it up the next time you see her
Call out the window for her to pick it up
Pick it up yourself. It’s no big deal
Pick it up and mash it into her car
Question 5/6
You have a fender bender and it’s your fault. You:
Vow to not buy anything fun for a month to make up for the bills
Sigh and vow to be more careful next time
Tell everyone what a moron you are and what you did
Skip dinner to punish yourself. You don’t deserve dinner!
Tell yourself it’s OK. Everyone makes mistakes
Question 6/6
What does your bedroom look like?
The bed is unmade and there are clothes on the floor
The bed is unmade
There are a few loose papers on the floor
It’s always as neat as a pin
a Tsunami
Like this disaster that washes out homes, streets and even mountains, you can be vengeful when you’re angry. People will want to steer clear from you. Try to get your feelings under control a bit, and don’t say anything you don’t want to come back and bite you later.
a Tornado
Yikes! When you want to, you can destroy anything in your path, but unlike the tsunami, you only hit certain points and people. Make sure your anger is directed towards the issue, not the person, because people can be irreparably hurt.
an Earthquake
You shake things to their very core! When you’re mad, your anger ranges from very mild to severe – just like the way earthquakes are measured on the Richter Scale. You’re likely level-headed and down to earth.
a Mudslide
Like mudslides, your anger rarely comes out. You’re only really mad when something really, really deserves it. Most of the time, problems and issues just slide off you like water off the proverbial duck’s back. You know better than to waste time and energy being angry.
a Snowstorm
When you’re mad, it’s often brief, and the effects aren’t long-lasting. Like snow, which melts, your anger goes away as quickly as it begins. You don’t hold grudges, and for the sake of your loved ones and your sanity, this is definitely the way to be.

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