What's Your Emotional IQ?

How touchy-feely are you? If you’re not sure, take this quiz to find out how connected you are to your emotions, how much you show in public, and how many boxes of tissue you should take to the next romantic comedy you go to.

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Question 1/6
Your best friend broke up with her boyfriend. You:
Buy her ice cream and listen to her talk about him all night
Tell her to get over it. There are lots of fish in the sea. Next!
Tell her she was way too good for him and that he didn’t treat her right.
Take her out for a beer.
Break out a sappy romantic comedy and cry with her.
Question 2/6
Someone famous just died. You:
Google his name for the cause of death
People die every day – it’s sad, but it wasn’t unexpected
Retweet the information on Twitter and write ‘RIP.
Google his name for all the gory details – and be disappointed when his spokesman didn’t release any
Question 3/6
What kinds of movies do you gravitate towards?
Cheap slasher flicks. Bring on the violence!
Sappy romances starring some combination of Richard Gere, Diane Lane and Josh Hartnett
Action movies
Documentaries and foreign films
Romantic comedies
Question 4/6
How do you feel about Harlequin romance novels?
You don’t have an opinion, one way or another
The writers have to make money somehow, so good for them
They’re good beach reading
They’re garbage reading
They take up the most real estate on your bookshelf
Question 5/6
Who do you text most often?
My work colleagues
My mom (it’s easier than spending an hour on the phone with her)
My partner
My five best friends
I don’t text
Question 6/6
Your friend is worried about turning 30. You:
Buy her wrinkle cream as a joke
Take her out to dinner and tell the waiters so they sing
Buy her a card
Take her out for a day at the spa
Tell her it’s only going to get worse
ice cold
Sometimes, your actions and reactions leave your friends and family wondering if you have a heart. We know you do, but it wouldn’t hurt to show your feelings once in a while. It could be that you’re private or don’t like to show your emotions in public, but doing so can help people to feel closer to you.
a bit of a clod
The good news first: Your actions are genuine and from the heart. The bad news is that you may not stop to consider how your words and actions affect others, and you may hurt people from time to time without knowing. Taking a few seconds to think about how you make others feel may go a long way towards improving your relationship.
You reason for that every problem out there, there is a solution. You don’t waste time dwelling on what is, and going over problems that can’t be fixed. Instead, you try to find a solution to that problem, and keep moving forward. Friends come to you when they need something fixed. By the way, are you by chance a man?
People love you because you are an excellent listener. You can commiserate with the best of them, and offer gentle advice. Sometimes, it’s even good advice. You’re a nice person at heart and probably have a lot of friends. Make sure you don’t take on more problems than you can handle.
You’re constantly teary. You cry at pet funerals, movies, long-distance phone commercials, and when other people have problems. Don’t take so many burdens to heart, or you’ll have to take out stock in facial tissue.

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