What Is Your Most Seductive Feature?

Unlock the true secrets to your flirting style, based on which of your features is the sexiest. Take this quiz to learn your sexiest feature, and then play it up in order to make your inner beauty shine to the surface!

Let's Play!
Question 1/6
How do you usually flirt with someone that you're interested in?
Let them know you're watching; maybe give them a wink? ;)
Respond with a confident, self-assured wave.
Flash them a friendly, yet flirty smile.
Play it subtle -- maybe act a little shy...
Flip and toss that beautiful hair!
Question 2/6
Your friends would describe you as...
Sometimes silly and funny, but very cool!
Cute and fun, but maybe a bit dramatic.
Soft-spoken, but sweet and friendly.
Bold and adventurous, totally unique.
Fun, flirty, and always the life of the party!
Question 3/6
You're invited to the party of the year! What do you wear?
Something stylish and chic that will get you noticed!
Something unexpected. You like to mix it up.
An outfit that's comfortable and casual, but totally cute.
Definitely something sexy that'll make heads turn!
You'll try something pretty and cool, but not too over-the-top.
Question 4/6
What's your idea of a perfect date?
Maybe a walk around town and a nice dinner. You like to keep things simple.
An adventurous date -- like playing sports or visiting an amusement park!
You want to show your date how you can move that body. Go dancing!
Something where you can really talk and interact with your date, like a museum.
Break the tension with a laugh. Maybe a comedy club or a funny movie?
Question 5/6
Pick your favorite dessert. :)
Chocolate-covered strawberries: sensual and delectable!
Cupcakes: unexpected, but so cute.
A homemade pie: comforting and sweet!
Creme brulee: elegant but irresistable.
Birthday cake: Festive, yummy, and fun!
Question 6/6
What's your favorite fun thing to do?
Your Booty!
Smooth and sultry, you've got all the right moves to get yourself noticed. Whether it's on the dance floor or just walking down the street, the way you move is sure to attract attention. You are super sexy, totally sensual, and are very in touch with the rhythms of your body. Don't be scared to strut your stuff!
Your Lips!
You are sweet, adorable, and the kind of person that everyone wants to hang with. Your impish sense of humor really shines through to your surface. You know how to make people laugh and feel great about themselves, while coming across as totally irresistible. Whether you're smiling or pouting those lips, you know they'll steal the show!
Your Hands!
You are confident, adventurous, and always an original. Your natural faith in your own abilities translates into an enthusiastic, can-do energy that makes other people just love to be close to you. Your love of trying new things also makes others feel bolder and more confident as well. People can't get enough of you!
Your Hair!
Some people might call you a little bit dramatic... others may say you're straight-up high-maintenance. But hey, you know they're just jealous of your style and confidence! Always gorgeous and ahead of the curve, your personal style is on point. Your favorite place to be is on the arm of someone you like -- and they love showing you off as well!
Your Smile!
That smile of yours can really light up a room. You are charming, gracious, and the kind of person that everyone wants to be friends with. But you're not boring: You can be a total flirt when you come across someone that really holds your interest! Anytime you flash those pearly whites, you can charm absolutely anyone -- and you know it!
Your Eyes!
Those soulful eyes can see right into the hearts of other people. There's so much more to you than people assume at first glance... You are a perceptive and loving person, with just the right air of mystery. You love to flirt, but you also prefer to get to know them (and for them to know you) before a true connection is made.

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