Which Crew Member From 'The Love Boat' Are You?

If you have grown up enjoying this classic TV show from the 1980s, you will be very interested in taking this quiz. We all have a favorite character from 'The Love Boat,' but which one can you really relate to the best? The answer may just surprise you. Try this quiz and get some insight into your 'Love Boat' personality!

Let's Play!
Question 1/6
People will say that you are...
Kinda goofy...
Question 2/6
When you're not in uniform, what are you most likely to wear?
Something casual, but flattering.
A sporty outfit, since I'm pretty active when not at work.
Probably some elaborate disguise.
A cool outfit that will get me noticed.
Something understated, but still classy.
Question 3/6
How do you feel about your family?
I can always count on them, and I make sure they can count on me too.
They're pretty proud of me. I like spending time with them.
We don't see each other a lot, but I know they have my back!
I can't always relate well to them, but I'm there when they need me!
I couldn't get along without them!
Question 4/6
Do you enjoy traveling?
I'd rather stay close to home. I'm not big into traveling.
It's fun. I love learning about new places.
I enjoy seeing new places, and am always looking for a cool new adventure.
I'd rather travel to see friends and loved ones instead of exotic places.
I live to travel! I can be at home anywhere.
Question 5/6
What's a secret about you that no one knows?
I try to appear confident, but deep inside I'm pretty vulnerable.
It really bothers me when people don't listen to me.
I have a lot of difficult things in my past, but I'm over it now.
I love what I'm doing now, but sometimes I crave change.
It can be really hard to admit it when I care about someone.
Question 6/6
How sociable are you?
People are OK, but I'd prefer to keep to myself.
Sometimes people are so silly. Most of the time, I'd rather not be bothered!
I'm a real social butterfly... you can't keep me away from the party!
Everybody wants to socialize with me, but I'd rather connect one-on-one.
I can get pretty busy at times, but I always make an effort to enjoy the company of others.
You're Captain Stubing!
You are hard-working, responsible, and always ready to lend a helping hand to those around you. It's possible that you were a bit wild in your previous years, but you've grown up and have become a really strong person -- one that others look up to and admire. It's great that you care about people, but remember that life has lots of opportunities for fun, too!
You're Isaac!
Not only are you the coolest of the 'Love Boat' crew, you're also the one that your friends are always coming to for advice. Sometimes it's hard to watch the less intelligent people around you making mistakes, but that's OK, you're always there to pick them up when they're down. You also have your own personal style that's irresistable to others!
You're Doc!
On the show, Doc was the total package. He had it all: intelligence, common sense, and a major amount of charm - how many episodes did you see him with a beautiful babe on his arm? You've got that same sparkling personality. People are drawn to you for your intelligence, but they stay around because your fun personality shines through as well.
You're Gopher!
Sometimes, you might come up with some pretty bizarre ideas. At first glance, you may seem a bit self-centered and unconventional, but in truth, you're just trying to get through the day and get the job done. Those you care about can really appreciate your uniqueness and the interesting way that you look at the world.
You're Julie!
When the party is starting to drag on and on, people know that they can look around and see you, breathing new life back into it. Your natural charm, great looks, and concern for other people translate into a personality that everyone adores. No need to ever be shy -- Julie types are always welcome at every gathering!
You're Vickie!
Cute, sweet, and always such fun to be around, you may sometimes get into some tricky situations. It's okay to ask the people around you for a bit of help. You're also a loving and caring person who's always eager to help out those around you when they need it. Overall, you're a great friend and someone that can really light up a room!

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