Which Season Fills Your Soul?

The seasons come and go and with them we find ourselves more content and lively than in others. The seasons are strongly connected to our emotional and spiritual health and well-being. Which season energizes your spirit?

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Question 1/10
Extremely important question, how would you describe your preferred temperature?
Question 2/10
What is your opinion of rain?
Okay I guess
Not very fun
Meh, don’t have one
Question 3/10
This might be hard, but which holiday do you think is best?
Independence Day
They are all great
Question 4/10
How much sunlight do you prefer?
Sun bad, night good.
The more sun the better.
Don’t really care.
I enjoy sun, but don’t need lots.
Night is great, but could use some sun.
Question 5/10
What are your thoughts about the outdoors?
I love enjoying the flowers, refreshing rain and bright colors.
Nothing beats spending time in the sun and exploring nature
Outside is overrated
Crisp cool air, rich colors, and maybe a bit of fog. All sound great.
Who doesn’t love freshly fallen snow?
Question 6/10
Food is strongly connected to our seasons, which do you prefer?
BBQ all the way
Eggnog, Wines, and Sweets are all good
A great feast with pumpkin pie and turkey
Ham or lamb, hot crossed buns
I eat what I want, when I want.
Question 7/10
What type of socializing do you enjoy doing?
Bon-fires, beach days, and maybe a good road trip
Religious gathers, small family activities
No preference
Large family gatherings, late night parties
Warm family meals and fun costume parties
Question 8/10
Another important part of the seasons are fashion. Which fashion do you feel most comfortable in?
Nice light clothing like spring dresses or shorts
Heavy jackets and scarfs
Sweaters and long pants
A variety of clothing
My fashion really doesn’t change
Question 9/10
Which sports do you enjoy following?
Hockey or basketball?
No preference
Question 10/10
Finally, which health issues cause you the most problems?
I hate the seasonal flu
Hay fever is the worst
Nothing stands out
I am easily susceptible to sun burns and heat stroke
The colds and flu are a pain

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