Why Is Your Soul So STRONG?

Throughout your life, you have faced a wide range of challenges and have drawn upon different sources to provide you the strength to move forward. Let’s see which source was the most meaningful for your soul’s development?

Let's Play!
Question 1/10
How would you describe you childhood?
Full of love and wonder
A nightmare
Tough at times but good
Question 2/10
What did you and your best friend get up to?
Played a lot of games
We were basically siblings, we did everything together
I had no friends growing up
Normal kid stuff
Defended each other
Question 3/10
When disaster strikes, what do you do?
Decide if I need to ask for some help
Share the situation with a friend and bounce ideas
Dread the situation and then make a plan
Get angry that things never go my way
Take a deep breath and know I am not alone
Question 4/10
What is your greatest success?
The friends I have made
The love I have
Being able to stay on top of things
That I am still alive
That I haven't given up
Question 5/10
What is your best trait?
My creativity
My organization
My caring
Strength of will
My faith
Question 6/10
How comfortable do you feel right now?
Pretty darn good
Not bad, things are in order
Things could fall apart at any time
Things are always falling apart
Question 7/10
What are you most grateful for?
Friends and family
My health
That I am still alive
My faith
Question 8/10
What do you look forward to most?
Being able to sleep quietly
Eating a meal
Some time to relax
Spending time with friends
Spening time with family
Question 9/10
How would someone close to you describe you?
someone fair
a survivor
a hard worker
someone caring
Question 10/10
How do you feel at the end of a day?

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