When Will You Get Rich?

Wealth: it's the thing we'd all like to have, whether we want to admit it or not. Sure, some of us might say "money doesn't really matter to me, I just want to be happy", but none of us would complain about having another extra hundred thousand in the bank or so. Let's be real. So when will you finally make the cut as rich? Take this quiz to find out!

Let's Play!
Question 1/5
How often do you work?
All the time! In fact, I'm sealing a big deal with my business tomorrow!
A lot. Some days it's hard to find a break, but I still treat myself to a lazy weekend every once in a while.
Too much. I take the evenings off, but all day every day, I'm at it.
It feels like a lot! But compared to other people...I'm not sure.
I'm all about that leisure. But I do get up and clean the house every once in awhile.
Work? What?
Question 2/5
How much do you want to be rich?
It's everything I care about! My eyes are dollar signs.
A lot! I have a whole list work of a shopping spree as soon as it happens.
Pretty bad! But I'm not going to break my back to do it.
I'd love to be rich! But I do like my couch...
Eh, I'm not super excited about it. I mean, it won't ever happen.
Who needs money when you have a life to live!
Question 3/5
Do you have a dream job?
Yes! I have it all laid out in a blueprint and I'm getting close. Want to check?
I know what I want to do, but I'm not quite there yet.
I have some ideas...but nowhere near working towards them.
Dream job? I mean, I've thought about it, but not much.
I used to want to be a doctor in middle school...
Uh, is couch potato an option?
Question 4/5
Do you go to school?
Already finished with my masters, and now I'm trying to get that life plan going!
Yes, I'm getting close to finishing my degree!
I got my bachelors degree and am working in my field.
I got a degree, but I didn't try very hard and I'm not using it.
I tried college but...college didn't care for me.
School? People actually do that?
Question 5/5
How often do you spend money on a whim?
Never. I have all my finances calculated way ahead of time and NEVER stray from it.
Very very rarely, and only when I really think I deserve a treat.
I like to treat myself, but I make sure I have my finances in order first.
Fairly often, but I'm not completely careless with my money.
Honestly? All the time...
If I have money, I'm spending it. That's what it's for right?
Next Week
You're working hard, you have everything planned out, you're working towards a goal and you're going to achieve it. You'll get what you've earned much sooner than you think! Keep holding out, you're so so close.
Next Year
You're well on your way to making an excellent living. You know what you want to do, and you're going for it. Just keep your eye on the prize and push on! You'll start seeing results before too long.
In Three Years
You're lagging behind just a bit, but you're just about to get on track and make some progress. Think about your goals and desires and start working towards him. The pieces will soon begin falling into place.
In Eight Years
You're not too close yet, but there's still hope. You're not in the worst position you could be. Start thinking about your goals and how you'd like to earn money, and then create a plan. You can do it if you put your mind to it.
In Twenty Years
It's not clear you're working towards anything at all right now, and it doesn't look like you want to try. There's still hope for you, but you're going to have to make some major changes. Don't worry! You can still be happy in the meantime.
You're just not a money-minded individual. That's not a bad thing - some people would just rather spend life having fun than trying to make cash. But make sure you take care of yourself and let yourself be able to enjoy that life.

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