How Crazy Are You?

Everyone has some quirks, but do yours indicate that you’re completely bonkers, or just averagely wacky? Answer the questions honestly - in these situations, what would you do?

Let's Play!
Question 1/6
When you’re bored you...
Call up your friends for a night in
Chill out, you know how to enjoy alone time
Go exploring alone, you’ll find a cutie to buy you drinks
Go out cow-tipping, and run through some sprinklers
Have a wild (solo) dance party in the living room
Persuade your friends to go out with you
Question 2/6
What Sort of Hat do yo wear?
Felt and trendy, with a wide brim
Knit beanie
A straw fedora
A straw sun-hat
A baseball cap, backwards
A baseball cap, forwards
Question 3/6
How Aggressive of a Driver are you
You stop for pedestrians, other cars, and you wave to everyone
You don’t even honk your horn, but you know how to keep things moving
You have an affinity for horn-honking, but don’t go beyond that
You scream expletives to yourself and your passengers
You gesture rudely out the window to other drivers
You get out and fight if you’re cut off
Question 4/6
Which best describes your personal style?
You like to be cute, but comfort is your priority
You pick out your outfits the night before
Pain is the price of beauty...stilettos, always
You usually try to match, but roll out of bed and forget to care
You make bold fashion choices and occasionally miss the mark
You like to make people stare on the street; bold and wild
Question 5/6
When your friend is having relationship trouble, what do you do?
This isn’t your area of expertise, but you’re an expert hugger
You hate seeing your friend in pain, and come through with gallons ice cream, your go to cure
You leave and egg the house of their significant other
You invite the friend to air their feelings, and engage in a brutal cursing out of the boy/girlfriend in question
You are certain you have the best advice, and don’t hesitate to share
You distract them with adventures and bad decision-making
Question 6/6
How well did you listen to your parents in high school?
Your parents weren't that strict, so the rules they had, you followed
You were flawless, a straight-A student, and never lied or disobeyed
Averagely; you made a few bad choices, but nothing insane
You can’t say you were good... but you made it to age 18 alive
A bit of teenage rebellion, you grew out of it
You were wild! You don’t think you’ve slept at home since middle school
Completely Bonkers
All your friends are just along for the ride! You are crazy fun, and value good times over most anything else.
Undeniably Preposterous
You can’t help being strange, your laugh is infectious, even if your inside jokes are frequent and impossible to understand
Incredibly Zany
You’re impulsive and love to laugh; you’ll take off on adventures and drag your friends along
Fairly Ridiculous
Your spontaneity makes you fun to be around, and you are just the right amount of quirky.
A Tad Wacky
You are prone to slap-happy bouts of giggles and are good-natured and fun.
Just Plain Silly
You’re down to earth and practical. You can really let loose, but only in the right situation.

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