How Much of a Redneck Are You?

Have you ever wondered if you are a redneck -- and if so, how much of one? If not, what more do you need to do in order to become indoctrinated into that close-knit family of rowdy, down-home folks who know how to do life the right way! You don't need to be a country boy or girl to be a redneck -- you city folk can qualify too, if you have what it takes. Try taking this quiz and find out how much of a redneck you really are!

Let's Play!
Question 1/6
What's your favorite holiday?
Robert E. Lee's birthday
The 4th of July
Valentine's Day
Question 2/6
You're invited to a party! What will you wear?
I'll probably find out what everyone else is wearing first.
A ruffly blue polyester tux (or dress!) from the 1970s.
Anything featuring the Confederate flag!
Nothin' fancy... maybe just a wifebeater, dirty jeans, and work boots.
A chic outfit in basic black, maybe with some designer shoes.
Question 3/6
Your 'power animal' would be...?
An opossum.
A skunk.
A pig, sheep, or other cute farm animal.
Definitely a dog!
A fluffy kitty!
Question 4/6
Time to plan your vacation... where will you go?
Let's go to Paris, London, or New York and stay in a 5-star hotel!
A fishing trip could be lots of fun...
Who needs to leave home? Just spray some tropical air freshener, and plop an umbrella in my beer can.
A cabin in the woods would be really relaxing.
We have to go to the beach!
Question 5/6
What's your favorite type of country music?
Taylor Swift is, like, so cool!
I love classics like Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson.
None. I really don't like country music, sorry.
I hate modern country. It's way too mainstream for me.
I enjoy a blend of pop and country, like Rascal Flatts or Lady Antebellum.
Question 6/6
Let's redecorate your room. Choose a style...
Nothing special. Let's just make it laid-back and comfortable.
Sleek, modern, and minimalist.
I love old-fashioned Victorian decorations.
Something natural, rustic, and comfortable is just right for me.
I can make lots of attractive new things out of junk. It's fun!
You are 100% Redneck
Congratulations -- You are a quintessential redneck! With your official redneck status, you're often approached for ideas on how to decorate with duct tape and spare car parts. You love down & dirty country music, and you might even enjoy barbecuing the random possum every now and then! Other rednecks aspire to be you. Enjoy your status!
You are 80% Redneck!
Your score has shown that you're absolutely a redneck -- no doubt about it! You can discuss country music and rock a t-shirt with cut-off sleeves. Although you can still tone down your redneck tendencies when the situation calls for it, most of the time you're just happy being yourself. Share your love of all things 'redneck' with others!
You are 60% Redneck!
Although you may have a great appreciation for popular country music, and you enjoy occasionally showing off items from your monogrammed belt buckle collection, you also have a healthy appreciation for non-redneck culture as well. Being in this middle area suits you well -- you're down to earth, but you sure do clean up nice!
You are 40% Redneck!
You're about halfway to official Redneck status! Technically, this is enough of a requirement to live in a trailer park or to rock a mullet like nobody's business! However, to truly embrace the Redneck lifestyle, you will need to work just a little bit harder. Don't give up -- you will get there eventually!
You are 20% Redneck!
While you're predominantly a sophisticate at heart, you're what we'd call a "redneck ally." While you're definitely more cosmopolitan the the standard redneck, you have a healthy appreciation of redneck culture and can share in that with your redneck friends, even if you're not completely well versed in it. Variety is the spice of life, after all!
You are 0% Redneck!
You aren't even a little bit of a redneck. Are you taking this test to appease your redneck friends, or to prove that you're completely removed from the redneck lifestyle? You should probably move to the city, or at the very least, go grab a latte at your nearest Starbucks. Not everyone can be a redneck -- enjoy your life and be true to yourself!

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