How Old Do You Act?

We all know that age is just a number, but this test can show you how old you act – are you a child at heart, a teenager, an responsible mom type, or an octogenarian? Answering these questions can help you find out!

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Question 1/6
What’s your favourite thing to eat for dinner?
A balanced meal with a protein, dairy, vegetable and grain. And fruit for dessert
Prune juice and oatmeal, eaten at 4 p.m. If you eat too late, you’ll get indigestion
Candy canes. Who cares that it’s September?
Breakfast – waffles, pancakes and eggs
Question 2/6
How do you feel about rollercoasters?
You’d ride them until you threw up
You look forward to visits to the theme park a couple of times each summer
The kids enjoy it, so you take them, but you’ll personally sit them out
You feel sick just thinking about them
Once a year, when the carnival comes to town is more than enough
Question 3/6
Your idea of a really fun weekend is:
A late night at the bar, followed by a full day of recovery
A trip to the zoo
A trip to the amusement park
A trip to Ikea for shopping
Dinner at a nice restaurant where the tablecloths are real linen
Question 4/6
Halloween is coming up. You’re dressing up as:
A minion
A witch. You already own all black clothes, so all you need is a hat
You haven’t dressed up in about a decade
Elsa from Frozen. You love her dress
A sexy black cat
Question 5/6
When did you grow up?
You’re not
In the 2000s
In the 1980s and 1990s
You’re working on it
Longer ago than you’d care to admit
Question 6/6
When did you stop believing in the Tooth Fairy?
Of course the Tooth Fairy exists
There is no Tooth Fairy
little kid
You like anything fun and silly and you love to have a good time. Although many people find this refreshing and charming, others can be annoyed with your behaviour, especially your colleagues. Tone down the wide-eyed innocence, especially at work or anywhere where you want to be taken seriously.
Like the little kid, you are also fun-loving and headstrong, but the difference is, you want to be taken seriously and think you know it all. We’d hate to break it to you, but there are still things that you can learn. Try listening and taking the advice of your elders once in a while.
You’re learning how life works and soaking everything up like a sponge. This is the time when you will make the most mistakes. Learn from them, and because you can’t make all the mistakes on your own, learn from others, too.
responsible adult
You often put caring for others before yourself. You often work long hours, put work before fun and the happiness of those you care for – be it pets, children or parents – ahead of your own well-being. Your priorities include paying the mortgage, shuttling the kids to their education-system-approved hobbies and mowing the lawn. Be sure to take some time for yourself once in a while.
senior citizen
We’re all for being responsible, but you’re acting like the person that fun forgot. Do you even know what a good time looks like anymore? Write down three things that sound fun to you, and make it a goal to do at least one of them.

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