In Which US State Your Soul Should Have Been Born?

The states have a wide variety of different cultures and people that make them up. While they share broad strokes of the American culture, each state is special. In this quiz, you will find out which group of states would be best to make your soul feel at home.

Let's Play!
Question 1/10
Let’s start with some geography. Which climate seems best for you?
Almost tropical, lots of warms and humidity
Mountains, Oceans, and Temperate
Hot, dry, and lots of tundra and some great mountain ranges
Thick forests, beautiful lakes and mountains and great winters
A few mountains but beautiful planes and wonderful seasonal changes
Question 2/10
How do you feel like urbanization?
Love it! Bring on the maga-cities
Large cities are great, but suburbs might be better
I would prefer smaller more intimate communities
Big cities are okay, but I would rather have vast areas untouched by people
Let’s not let the cities get too big
Question 3/10
Let’s talk diversity. Be honest, how do you feel about people from other backgrounds?
It is great! Let’s get more!
They should go back where they came from.
A little diversity if always nice.
We are all immigrants here.
Generally positive, but a little worried at times.
Question 4/10
Let’s take a slight turn and look at an American favorite. Pizza. Describe the pizza best for you.
Traditional, but known for large slices with typical topings.
Thick, deep and rich pizza that needs a knife and fork to eat it.
Eclectic. A wide range of styles and toppings to put on it.
Spicy pizza styles with a lot of kick
Not really a pizza person
Question 5/10
Describe the TV Shows that you enjoy watching.
Dark, Violent and and Intense Scenes
Dramatic, Light Hearted
Dramatic Real World Set
Dramatic, Supernatural
Dramatic Mystery
Question 6/10
If you had some free time, what would you enjoy doing?
Sailing and Scuba Diving
Mountain Climbing and Camping
Star Gazing
Visit Museums and Theaters
Visit Random Tourist Traps
Question 7/10
What kind of drink are you looking for?
Craft beer or wine
Cheap Mass Produced Beer
Vodka Drinks
Lighter Beers
Question 8/10
What kind of education do you have?
Graduate Degree
Bachelors Degree
I might have finished high school
I started college
Don’t Think About It
Question 9/10
Let’s get controversial. How do we vote?
100% Republican
I am rather Democratic Leaning
Mostly Democratic
Mostly Republican
Why would I vote?
Question 10/10
Which characteristic do you value the most?
Active citizenship and education
Hard, honest work
Independence and freedom
Tradition and culture
Freedom of expression

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