What Do Your Friends Value About You?

Every individual in a friendship brings something different to the table. This quiz can help assure you that you are valuable to your friend group, in an irreplaceable and unique way. Find out what aspect of your personality is valued most by your crew!

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Question 1/6
What is your favorite color to wear?
Question 2/6
When you’re alone and bored you...?
Call up your friends for a movie night
Chill out, and make plans for tomorrow
Go exploring alone with whoever will come, you’ll find a cutie to buy you drinks
Go out cow-tipping, and run through some sprinklers
Have a wild (solo) dance party in the living room
Ask your best friend what they’re up to, and tag along
Question 3/6
Which best describes your personal style?
You like to be cute, but comfort is your priority
You pick out your outfits the night before
Pain is the price of beauty...stilettos, always
You usually try to match, but roll out of bed and forget to care
You make bold fashion choices and occasionally miss the mark
You like to make people stare on the street; bold and wild
Question 4/6
When your friend is having relationship trouble, what do you do?
This isn’t your area of expertise, but you’re an expert hugger
You hate seeing your friend in pain, and come through with gallons ice cream, your go to cure
You leave and egg the house of their significant other
You invite the friend to air their feelings, and engage in a brutal cursing out of the boy/ girlfriend in question
You hug them and listen to them get out all the bad feelings
You help by giving kind and wise advice
Question 5/6
Where would your friends roadtrip to, ideally?
The nearest beach
To the mountains
You’d decide diplomatically
On a cross country trip, a different city every night
To a big city with lots to see and do
You’re hoping for a cruise instead
Question 6/6
What do you look for most in a friend?
Good Sense of Humor
Fun to Talk To
Good Listener
Fun to be Around
Genuine and Trustworthy
You are outgoing and creative, and can always make a boring day fun with a moments notice!
You are brave and able to take on anything, and your friends love that you can teach them to trust themselves and seize the day.
When life gets stressful, laughter is the best medicine! You crack jokes on the fly and can make your friends dissolve into giggles with just a look.
You’re your group’s emotional glue. Your compassion is indispensable and your ability to l listen is one of your best qualities.
You’re the plan maker, and you keep everyone on track. You’re there for anyone in need and everyone appreciates the way you can organize the best adventures.
You might argue, but everyone knows you’re fiercely protective of your group, and will do anything for your friends no matter what.

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