What Does Your Birthday Say About You As A Woman?

Our birthdays are strongly connected to our personalities. While the reasons are still a bit of a mystery, the time of day and year of your birth has a lasting impact on you as a woman. Let's see what your birthday has in store for you.

Let's Play!
Question 1/10
What season were you born in?
I fall between seasons
Question 2/10
What time of day were you born?
Dusk or Dawn
Question 3/10
What is the closest major holiday to your birthday?
New Years
Independence Day
Veterans Day
Question 4/10
How do you typically celebrate your birthday?
I actively avoid it
I don't tell anyone about it
It is always a huge celebration
My friends and family always make it special
I just let people do what they want
Question 5/10
How emotionally connected are you to your birthday?
It is more of a burden then anything
I acknowledge it
It is my own personal holiday
It makes me feel special
Question 6/10
Which Chinese Zodiac animal does your birthday connect with?
Rooster or Dog
Ox or Tiger
Monkey, Rat or Snake
Rabbit, Pig or Dragon
Horse or Goat
Question 7/10
Which Western Zodiac do you fall under?
Virgo or Libra
Gemini, Pisces or Cancer
Aries or Leo
Taurus, Capricorn or Scorpio
Sagittarius or Aquarius
Question 8/10
What was the weather like during your birth?
Bright sunny day
Calm and clear
A bit cloudy
I don't know
Question 9/10
When you were born, who was present?
Only my mom
I don't know
Both of my parents were there
Family members
Family and Friends of the family
Question 10/10
Describe the best birthday you can imagine
Being left alone
Quiet and peaceful, maybe a few guests
A few birthday wishes, but nothing more
A great big huge party
A quiet celebration with those I love

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