What Is The Color Of Your Spirit?

There are a wide range of colors that encompass a spirit. Those colors flow and change composition over time. Often, there are central colors that act as the root of a persons’ spirit’s color for a particular time. These are strongly connected to the foundational emotional and personality traits of a person.This quiz will examine which color is central to your spirit.

Let's Play!
Question 1/10
Let’s start off simple getting to know you a bit. How do you enjoy spending your free time?
Having some fun, maybe going out for a few drinks or dancing.
What free time? There is too much to do.
Tidying up and preparing for future obligations.
Relaxing, maybe going for a walk or painting.
Reading a book or watching some TED talks sounds like a great way to relax.
Question 2/10
Oh know! A huge problem has come up. How do you solve it?
Just what I need, another problem. Probably scream a bit to start.
Make a plan and probably ask for some assistance.
Disect the problem to fully understand it and develop the simplist solution.
Take some time to relax and reflect, maybe go for a walk first.
Don’t cry over spilled milk. Distract myself first. Maybe a few drinks will clear my mind.
Question 3/10
Looks like you are hosting everyone for the holidays. How do you approach the situation?
Start with getting the food and drinks organized and prepared.
Start with a list with making sure that everything is ready, maybe get a few new recipies learned to show off a bit.
Take it easy at first. Things will come into place as long as I don’t get overwhelmed.
I don’t have time for this. Refuse and make someone else do it.
Start by checking with everyone for special needs and share the work. You might be host but you shouldn’t do everything.
Question 4/10
Time to settle down and watch a film. What do you feel like watching?
I have a special part in me that enjoys watching brainless comedies.
Action, explosions, and more action.
A documentary sounds really good right about now.
I am all for a good drama or maybe even a romantic comedy.
One of those feel good family flics sounds about right.
Question 5/10
Time to prepare a nice meal. What shall it be?
Really, if I have some food that hasn’t spoiled, it will be perfectly fine for me.
Everything should be in the right place to whip up something enjoyable.
Something simple that I can enjoy while reading or eat quickly is best.
Well, if I am going to prepare it, it shall be extravagent.
It should be healthy. Preferrably well balanced and carefully thought out.
Question 6/10
The meal is over and it is time to clean up. How shall we do it?
Just shove everything in the bag and we will eventually get it taken care of.
We can let it pile up a bit more. There is too much to do.
If it must be done, lets do it quickly and efficiently.
Have a strong plan for sorting your recyclables and compostables from the garbage.
How did it get messy? I have a strict plan and schedule that is followed and taken care of.
Question 7/10
Time for bed. What shall we do?
I have everything already in place and a set pattern to get things done.
If I have time I might get around to it.
I do my best to get it done quickly and effeciently.
Is it really necessary? Maybe do just a little.
Teeth need cleaning but use as little water and toothpaste as necessary.
Question 8/10
While shopping you get into an argument with someone. What do you do?
Offer something to resolve the issue.
Tell them off for being an idiot.
Talk it out.
Try to reason with the person. It was all a misunderstanding for sure.
Try and calm the person down.
Question 9/10
Time to plan a nice drive. What do you need to do?
Design your optimal route to get you there quickly, but have the important stops along the way.
Ensure everything is taken care of in advance, booking, packing, and car serviced.
Have plenty of time to just meander and go with the flow.
Using my electric car, I would plan my trip to ensure that I will be able to get charging stations along the way.
Just get it over with as quickly as possible.
Question 10/10
Finally, what part of life brings you the most joy?
When I get rid of the things stressing me out.
Enjoying good food, company, and the finer things in life.
Discoverying, exploring and learning new things.
Calm and peaceful experiences with things in order.
The people and connections I build.

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