What Is Written In Your Heart For August?

August is a wonderful month. Summer is in full swing and there is lots to do and people to see and meet. Let's see what this amazing month has for you.

Let's Play!
Question 1/10
How are you planning on spending the month?
I have to work the whole time.
I am hoping to take a weekend off.
I need to sneak off to the beach every chance I get.
I have vacation time coming up.
I don't like to plan that far ahead.
Question 2/10
How do you feel about summer weather?
This is why we have ice.
I love it!
I am okay if I can find some shade.
Thank god for air-conditioning.
Can't stand the heat.
Question 3/10
How adventerous are you?
I live life to the extreme
I can get myself into trouble on occasion
I am far too old to do something crazy
I prefer my safe beach chair thank you
Oh, the stories I could tell.
Question 4/10
Who do you plan to spend your summer days with?
Alone, in peace and quiet
Maybe with my best friend
Maybe a new friend
My friends and family
Anyone who wants to have some fun
Question 5/10
How much planning do you put into your summer events?
Lots, I make sure everything goes smoothly
Oh, a bit, but only the broad strokes
I always enjoy there are lots of snacks and drinks
Beyond the check for sunscreen, nothing
I make sure my phone is charged
Question 6/10
Which adjective describes you best?
Question 7/10
You have the following choices for summer activities, which do you choose?
Watch a movie, in a nice air-conditioned theather
Stay home and watch Netflix
Go to a family BBQ
Go camping
Go to the pool
Question 8/10
What is your ideal summer snack?
Ice Cream
Question 9/10
Where do you go to watch fireworks?
The beach of course
A nice clear spot away from others
My balcony at home
If I do, they are on television
Someone I can share the moment
Question 10/10
What is your goal for summer?
Have fun
Make memories
Do something different

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