What Is Your Signature Flower?

Throughout time, people have been sharing flowers as symbols of love, hope, celebration, and even sympathy. Each stem and petal holds a meaning behind it. We also find connections with particular flowers as we enjoy our journeys through life. Take this quiz to find which flower is most connected to you.

Let's Play!
Question 1/10
When is the best time to enjoy flowers?
What a silly question? You should always enjoy flowers.
Flowers are extremely important for important events, like weddings and anniversaries.
Flowers are wonderful additions to add a bit of beauty and decoration.
Flowers are a great way to add some pop to otherwise dull settings.
Flowers are important for heartfelt expression.
Question 2/10
How do you like to share flowers?
Flowers are important to stay in a pot with some rich soil, so they can liven up a room.
A vase with a few stems is a beautiful idea.
To be added to an outfit is a great thought.
Please, keep flowers in the ground or garden.
Anywhere and everywhere.
Question 3/10
Let’s talk color. You want to add a little spice to your life, what are we looking for?
Bright colors. Something that pops.
Pastels are nice.
I enjoy my simple primary colors, but lets keep it bright.
Deep and rich is important.
Oh, I can’t choose. Can I have them all?
Question 4/10
Time to relax a bit and enjoy a nice refreshment. Pick a drink.
Ice Cold Sweet Tea
A nice glass of wine
A frappacino sounds good
Tea, Earl Grey, Hot
What kinds of juice do you have?
Question 5/10
Now that we are relaxed, how about a dance. What do you feel like?
A classic waltz sounds enjoyable
Maybe a line dance or square dance sounds good.
Anything social sounds good to me.
Lets slow it down a little, but nothing formal.
I am happy to sway to anything.
Question 6/10
With the dancing done, it is time for dessert. What shall you order?
A nice lemon pie.
Cake, rich and dark chocolate.
A nice fruit spread sounds great.
A cupcake should be great.
Cookies are the way to go.
Question 7/10
Congratulations, you have some free time to spend with friends. How will you spend your time?
It is party time for sure.
A nice dinner party with simple appetizers sounds great.
Game and movie night of course.
Time to get into nature and get away with some friends.
A BBQ is a great way to go.
Question 8/10
What type of meaning do you find in flowers?
Deep love and thoughtfulness.
Joy and cheeriness
Passion and happiness.
Consideration and thoughtfulness.
Question 9/10
You are given a gift of flowers, what will you do with it?
Place it in a small vase to cherish
Add it to my beautiful garden.
Make sure to show them off to everyone.
Wear it!
Find a place to plant it so everyone can enjoy.
Question 10/10
Finally, do you like receiving flowers?
I would rather just enjoy seeing them in nature?
They are great to add to my huge garden.
They always have special meanings behind them and I love to show them off.
When they are given by a special person on a special occasion.
When there are strong emotions behind them and they hold a lot of meaning they truly move me.

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