What Is Your Soul Trying To Tell You?

Our souls are deceptive things that often try to provide hints to us in a wide variety of ways. They often work to try and communicate their needs to us and caution us to make changes to benefit our lives and our soul's condition. Take heed of the hints that you are provided, they don't make them lightly.

Let's Play!
Question 1/10
Let's start with your morning. How did you sleep?
Grumpy. Could barely sleep.
Like a baby.
Restless, as always.
Paniced and short of breath.
A little stiff, but no big deal.
Question 2/10
Time to start the day. You need to get to work. How do you manage?
I keep losing things, they are never where I put them.
Same old routine. Might forget my phone sometimes.
Nothing is where I want it and people keep slowing me down.
Just wish things would work out.
Things go smoothly. I always give myself enough time.
Question 3/10
You are starting to daydream while at work. Where does your mind go?
This really needs to get done. There is too much to do.
Need to make sure that I remember to pick up something for dinner.
I think I forgot to wash the dishes…
A nice comfy nap sounds nice.
Wish I could get rid of these people, their questions are starting to annoy me.
Question 4/10
Alright, you finished work and finally made it home. How do you feel?
Another day done, check.
This day is taking forever.
Wish I could have gotten more done.
Great, more work to do at home.
That was a productive day.
Question 5/10
Time to get a good night's sleep. How well do you fall asleep?
My bed is like a marshmallow dream.
I have to run through my dayplan for tomorrow first.
Meh, I will fall asleep eventually.
In fits. I can never sleep through the night.
It takes forever to get to sleep.
Question 6/10
How do you find your appetite?
Sometimes the thought of eating just makes me sick
The greasier the food, the better I feel
Food is good
I tend to gorge and then feel bloated
Food is one of the joys of life
Question 7/10
When you think about the future, where does your mind go?
To feelings of anticipation and excitement
Feeling overwhelmed with all that is coming at me.
It kind of wanders
My mind wants to hide, it feels like it is being attacked.
I avoid thinking about the future
Question 8/10
How is your health?
I think my heart is going to explode and I get short of breath
I have perpetual migraines
The occasional cold, no big deal
I have been fighting something forever, it wont go away
Question 9/10
Time for a little imagery. Close your eyes and imagine your face. What do you see?
I look exauhsted.
No emotion, straight faced.
I don't want to imagine my face.
My eyes are wide and mouth slightly open.
I am smiling gleefully.
Question 10/10
Lastly, I want you to picture the place you feel safest. Where is it?
Hiding under my blankets
At home, with the doors closed and locked.
I am not sure
Looking at my phone/tablet
Anywhere I can have a good time

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