What Kind of Mom Are You?

Even if you aren’t a mom quite yet, or don’t intend to become one, it’s good to know which characterizable mom-style you embody. Find out just by answering a questions about your personality!

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Question 1/6
How do you feel about letting your kids have junk food?

I wouldn't allow my children to eat unhealthily, I expect better
A little treat every so often is nothing to worry about, but mostly, my family eats very well balanced meals
I trust my kids to make okay food choices, I try not to control little decisions like this
Fruits are perfect deserts, we eat organic and don’t buy products with added sugars
Question 2/6
How involved will your child be in school activities?
Up to them! Sports and clubs are tons of fun, but if they’d rather see friends in a less organized way, that’s fine with me.
I think school activities are a great way for kids to make friends, stay busy, and get involved in the community!
School should come first, and they should focus on one extracurricular at a time
Extracurriculars are great, as long as my kid has downtime - I want them to learn to think and imagine for themselves
Question 3/6
How well did you listen to your parents in high school?
Your parents weren't that strict, so the rules they had, you followed
You were flawless, a straight-A student, and never lied or disobeyed
Averagely; you made a few bad choices, but nothing insane
You can’t say you were good... but you made it to age 18 alive
Question 4/6
How many kids do you want?
Two children
One is plenty
Three seems just righ
At least four
Question 5/6
How does your child dress?
They're in a phase right now, I’m just going with it
I’m trying to teach them to dress themselves without caring what others think
I make sure their clothes match and are always clean
I love taking my kids shopping and dressing them up!
Question 6/6
Where is your ideal day trip to?
A park, with trails and swimming spots!
A carnival, for rides and snacks!
A beach day, pack a picnic!
A city - there’s tours and activities galore!
Hippie Mom
You’re teaching your kids to love nature, books, and to treat others with empathy. A health food nut, you’ve managed to convince your kids to eat their veggies without any arguing, and are likely the leader of outdoor activities for the whole neighborhood. Don’t stress if your kids make mistakes - remember, they aren't done growing yet, and they’ll act, well, childish.
Cool Mom
Your best friend’s mom who let you have ice cream, stay up late, and drove you home from parties. You aren’t irresponsible, but you know how not to sweat the small stuff, and you love fun. Sometimes though, quiet compassion can be equally worthwhile!
Named after the Parent Teacher Association at elementary schools, this sort of mom takes a loving interest in the emotional and social well-being of their child. Your kids never lack activities or snacks, and other moms are baffled at your togetherness. Make sure you know when a kid needs independence, and take a step back when the time is right.
Tiger Mom
You are fiercely protective and always want the best for your children. Your ability to see potential in kids and your true determination are both admirable, but remember to take it easy sometimes!

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