What Kind Of Woman Are You?

There is no accurate stereotype for us women. We are all different and have different strengths. Let's see what kind of woman you are.

Let's Play!
Question 1/10
Let's start simple. Describe your home.
Might as well be a studio apartment that I live in alone
Typical home with a family and a dog (or other pet)
We are kind of crammed into an apartment, but we love it
I share a place with some friends
It is hard to describe my current living situation
Question 2/10
What is your main motivating factor?
To make do
To not let everything fall apart
My personal goals and dreams
Children and Grandchildren
To succeed
Question 3/10
What are your goals like?
To be successful in my career
To not be tied down
To have a loving home and family
To enjoy life to the best of my ability
To not be swimming in debt
Question 4/10
What do you normally spend your free time doing?
Spending time with friends and family
Going on adventures
Trying to have some quiet down time
Cleaning, organizing, and preparing for the next week
Whatever I feel like
Question 5/10
If you are planning to head out, what would you consider first?
Who is going with me?
How much will I need to spend?
How long do I have?
Do I need to do this?
Will it be fun?
Question 6/10
If you lost your smartphone, what would you be most concerned about?
What if my family needs to reach me?
I can't check Facebook!
That will be expensive to replace
My calendar was in there!
Guess I can live without it for awhile
Question 7/10
What type of meal sounds best?
Dinner out with friends
Something practical cooked at home
Quick take-out or delivery
Nice home meal with the family
Dinner at my favorite restaurant
Question 8/10
What kind of pet is best for you?
Hmm…. Maybe a snake or spider
A dog sounds wonderful
Cats are great
A fish could be nice
None, they tie you down
Question 9/10
How would a friend describe you?
Put together
Question 10/10
What do you think your best attribute is?

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