What Movie Are You?

What classic movie embodies you? If you’ve ever wondered if you belong in the Brat Pack, or ought to be corseted in a period piece, read on to find out where you’d fit best. Based on your personality and habits, you can know for sure which of your faves is “the one”.

Let's Play!
Question 1/6
When your friends describe you, the word they use is...
Question 2/6
Your sport of choice is:
Question 3/6
Your Pet Peeve is...
A cluttered house
A person who says “um” or “like” constantly
Crowds of people who walk incredibly slowly
People who can’t speak without bragging
When the toothpaste cap is left off
People who chew loudly
Question 4/6
You Like Movies That...
Make you cry
Make you cheer
Have a happy ending
Make you laugh
Keep you guessing
Make you love the bad guys
Question 5/6
How Much of an Optimist/Pessimist are you?
I’m positive about everything
I’m pretty optimistic
I’d say I’m realistic or neutral
I’m on the pessimistic side
I always expect the worst
I dunno, but all that half filled glass stuff is stupid
Question 6/6
Ideal Meal?
Pasta with Marinara
Hamburgers and Milkshakes
Fried Chicken with Cornbread
Snails and Champagne
Grilled Steak and Baked Potatoes
Pulp Fiction
ou have a dark sense of humor and a charismatic personality that is irresistible. Your quirk and confidence make you one to be imitated and envied, and you can laugh your way out of any tight spot. Hopefully, your real life doesn't include any typical Tarantino gore, but no matter what, you can face it with style.
The Godfather
Your intelligence could be read as conniving, but you are dedicated to your friends and family, and have incredible inner strength. Embrace your inner gangster, you pull off slick and cunning better than anyone else could!
The Dark Knight
You are a hero in every sense of the word, even if you prefer to fly under the radar. Your loyalty and sense of fairness are obvious, and you are able to thrive even in the most stressful situations.
Gone with the Wind
You belong in a different era. You are refined and glamorous, and would fit right in at Tara. You are easily swept up in others’ appearance, but are always able to tell their true nature in the end. Your confidence and determination are admirable.
The Breakfast Club
Brain, athlete, basket case, princess, criminal... you know better than to put people in boxes, and you have a knack for connecting with the people around you. You might experience some classic 80s teen angst. but it doesn't stop you from doing the right thing.
Pretty Woman
Vivian and Edward have a fairy-tale romance with a modern twist, and your i idealistic outlook on life would fit right in with the 90’s movie’s charm. Your friends might call you a romantic, but in actuality you have a firm grasp on reality with just the right amount of faith in miracles.

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