What Music Strengthens Your Heart?

Music is one of the fundamental parts of our lives. It stays with us and becomes a strong part of our memories. The music we listen to imparts emotions, energy, and even motivation. It is often during the most difficult periods that we find ourselves carefully selecting the music that we want to listen to. What music do you turn to, when you need a bit of extra strength for your heart?

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Question 1/10
After someone has angered you, which activities help you calm down?
Enjoy a drive to clear your head.
Take a walk and get away someome quiet.
Go for a long run or exercise.
Dance or socialize.
Try to distract yourself with some cooking or reading.
Question 2/10
When you are upset, what food makes you feel better?
Sweets, all the sweets.
Junk for of any and all kinds.
Pizza, burgers and other greesy foods.
Large meal to give you energy.
I don’t really eat much.
Question 3/10
What place makes you feel the most centered?
Somewhere quiet like a park or beach
My home, particularly my place within my home.
Wherever my friends are.
A gym or somewhere I can escape to.
My car.
Question 4/10
When you are working through a difficult decision, where do you tend to find yourself?
Somwhere I can distract myself and let loose.
Talking with friends and family about the issue.
Alone and in a gym or somewhere I can keep my body physically active.
In my kitchen cooking up a storm.
My quiet safe place to reflect.
Question 5/10
After a tough day, what type of movie do you tend to watch?
A good old rom-com for sure.
Action, more action and all the action.
Something epic, like Rocky or Star Wars
Not sure a movie would be right, but maybe a documentary or slice of life picture.
Something up beat, like a good comedy, or really anything that keeps to movie moving along quickly and positively.
Question 6/10
You have a huge task to handle. Which emotion would be describe the music you will put on?
Question 7/10
Oh no! You are sick. What emotions are you looking for from your music to help you through this nasty cold?
Question 8/10
Well, good that you are better, but now you need to have a nerve-wrecking meeting. You slip on your music and search for a song that shares what kind of message?
An upbeat tune that will give you energy to get through the meeting.
Something that will share your anxiety and get support from
A song that gets you pumped up to fight through the anxiety.
A raging song that will let you scream away the terror.
Find something calming that will let you reach a nice zen state.
Question 9/10
Alright, you need to set a new ringtone for your favorite person in the world. What are you going to set it to?
Something loud and offensive
Something relaxing and with a nice harmony
A piece that starts quiet but builds towards the epicness that is your awesome conspiritor
A nostalgic piece that makes you remember the good times you had with them
A tune you could really dance to because they make you want to party
Question 10/10
What kind of song would be the theme for your life?
A heartfelt song that brings both tears to the eyes and smiles to the lips
A power ballad that will really make you cheer, because you are awesome
A rage induced screaming thing because you are gonna rip apart society
Something classy, maybe an orchestral piece
Your best dancing tune because it shows the amount of energy you have in your life

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