What Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination?

It sounds like a really fantastic vacation is in order! But there are so many awesome places to go: how can you possibly choose just one? If you're having trouble deciding where you should go, let us help you to make up your mind! Try our great new quiz!

Let's Play!
Question 1/6
What's your favorite season?
I like them all!
Question 2/6
Your friends would describe you as...
Down to Earth.
Question 3/6
Dinner time! What's on the menu?
Only the best champagne and caviar for me, darling!
A tasty burger and fries would hit the spot!
Something light and tasty, like a fruit salad.
Cake, sandwiches, and lots of yummy finger foods.
Give me lots and lots of sushi!
Question 4/6
What sport would you prefer watching or playing?
Hiking or horseback riding.
I'm always up for some soccer!
Skiing could be lots of fun...
Let's play some basketball!
Surfing or swimming, definitely!
Question 5/6
Finish this sentence: 'Vacations are made for ___________!'
Doing things you've never done before.
Exploring and learning about new places.
Spending time with family/friends.
Rest and relaxation.
Shopping and seeing the sights.
Question 6/6
Finally, how would you like to get around your destination?
I need a driver to take me around town!
Using a bike would be a fun way to see the sights.
A horse and carriage, or maybe a double-decker bus!
It's gotta be fast -- let's take the bullet train.
Let's take a hike, or ride on horseback!
While you're into adventure, you can also appreciate tradition and a touch of familiarity in your holiday destination. A city like London is the perfect mix of traditional and sophisticated -- serious and fun. Just like you are! Whether you're exploring historical points of interest or spending a quiet night at the pub, London is your perfect holiday destination!
The Grand Canyon
While some vacation spots or activities strike you as a bit superficial, you do know what your priorities are. Spending time with family and getting in touch with nature are lots of fun for you. If you can do some camping, fishing, or hiking while enjoying your holiday, that's even better -- especially when you finish each day with a night under the stars!
You have the heart of an adventurer, and are always looking for the next exciting chapter in your life. One of your favorite things to do is to explore new and exotic places. Unusual food, interesting customs, and a whole lot of amazing history awaits you in this hip and fast-paced holiday destination. Enjoy!
Historic, romantic, and ethereally beautiful, you may find yourself drawn to the City of Lights. Enjoy all of the culture and history that this magical city has to offer. You'll have a fantastic time whether it's by yourself or with a group of friends. Better yet, try sharing a romantic Paris adventure with someone who has a special place in your heart!
New York City
With so much to see and do in this big beautiful city, a sophisticated person like you will feel right at home here. You'll love to shop all day, party all night, dine at the most awesome restaurants and see the coolest sights. NYC is brisk and busy -- the fun and action never stops. It's the perfect holiday spot for you!
When life gets too hectic and hurried, you long for the days when you can be whisked away to the beach! Blue skies, warm sand, and a tasty tropical drink nearby -- that's your idea of heaven! Whether you're playing a game of volleyball, or just working on that gorgeous tan, you'd have the time of your life in gorgeous sunny Hawaii!

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