What Type Of Flower Calms You The Most?

Flowers are an amazing plant. We use them for conveying emotions as gifts, decorations for the beauty and even medicinal purposes to heal us. Given the close connection between the plants and people, it isn’t without surprise that we would have particular connections to them. One of them is bringing a sense of peace and relaxation to us. Which of these amazing flowers brings you the most peace?

Let's Play!
Question 1/10
To start off with, which situation do you tend to find plants the most calming?
When they are presented as a gift.
When they are wild in a field.
When they are on display in a vase.
When they are in a garden.
When they are spotted by surprise.
Question 2/10
Which color do you find the most relaxing?
White and Yellow
Question 3/10
Which sent do you find the most relaxing?
Something subtle but sweet.
A strong floral sent.
A strong sweet sent.
A subtle floral sent.
A classically flower sent.
Question 4/10
Which of these do you consider most important?
Size, bigger is better.
Large petals
Delicacy of the flower
Rich color
Question 5/10
Which emotion from a flower do you find the most meaningful?
Purity and Loyalty
Modesty and purity of heart
Adoration and Dedication
Perfect Love
Delicacy and Purity
Question 6/10
Which kind of place do you most enjoy watching flowers?
Out in nature when you stumble on them
In a small vase in your home
In a large bouquet
In a field or large garden
In your brightly colored garden
Question 7/10
Which type of colors on a flower bring you the most joy?
Clean simple and pure colors
Bright contrasting colors
Bright but distinct colors
Deep rich colors
Brightly gradated colors
Question 8/10
Which adjective best describes you?
Question 9/10
What message do you share most with your loved ones?
Our love is rare and precious
I will always be there for you
We have a perfect relationship
Our love is pure
We are amazing
Question 10/10
What is the most pressing fear in a relationship?
They will no longer be pure and devoted.
Blemishes may start to show.
They will become average.
They might get boring.
Nothing, my relationships are perfect

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