What Type Of Pet Matches Your Personality?

Pets are an important part of our everyday lives. They become parts of our family and hold special places in our hearts. Each person’s choice in their pet is unique and says something about them. Answer the questions in this quiz to see what type of best is best for you.

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Question 1/10
What do you like about pets?
They offer great companionship
They are always around
They are cute
They offer something to look at
They give you something to talk about
Question 2/10
What size of pet do you want?
Generally larger
Small to tiny
No particular size
Typically small
Question 3/10
How much freedom do you feel a pet should have?
Lots, it should be everywhere
I am not sure, but it should be closely watched
A cage is good, but sometimes letting it out
A decent amount of freedom
Question 4/10
How much time do you have to take care of your pet?
Little, but it does need some
Lots, it needs to be greatly taken care of
An average amount
Little, feed and cleaning are about it
I am not sure, potentially lots
Question 5/10
What kind of attention do you need from your pets?
I don’t know
None really
A small amount of affection
Lots of affection and attention
A varied amount of affection and attention
Question 6/10
If you were going to go traveling, what would you expect to do with your pet?
They are part of the family, they come along of course!
Have someone stop by and feed them
Bring them to a friend or family member to take care of
Having someone check in on them and play with them should suffice
I will need to train someone to take care of their intricate needs
Question 7/10
When you talk about your pet to others, what do you highlight?
How unique they are
How pretty they are
How small and cute they are
How they are important members of the family
How cuddly they are
Question 8/10
Which of the following is the most important characteristic of a pet for you?
They are attractive
They are wonderful companions
They stand out
They are easy to take care of
They are independent
Question 9/10
How much love do you have to share with a pet?
A large amount
Not much
A little
I don’t know
Question 10/10
Which adjective describes your ideal pet?

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