Where In The World Is Your Heart?

The world is full of places to live. From finding comfort in the small hamlets of dozens of families, to the big urban jungles of the mega cities. Each person has their own place and where they want to find home. What type of settlement is best for you and your own spirit?

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Question 1/10
To begin with, lets start with size. How big of a place do you feel comfortable?
People bad... in fact, I would like to have lots of distance between me and my own neighbors.
I don’t mind a few people around, but not looking to feel like a small cog in a machine.
I enjoy having a few people around, but nothing big. Maybe a quiet village sounds good.
I enjoy the business and bustling of larger urban areas.
Who needs trees really? Sure a small park here or there is fine but the concrete jungle is my home and I love to enjoy exploring the rich cultural creations of them.
Question 2/10
Just picture yourself standing in your ideal community. Close your eyes and listen carefully. What would you hear?
The sounds of the concrete jungle. It is like a lullaby to put me to sleep.
Likely a siren off in the distance. Cars driving by. One of my neighbors playing way too much music.
Children playing outside.
Nothing really. Possibly one of my pets wandering around or my TV.
The gentle sound of the wind rustling the nearby trees. Maybe some birds.
Question 3/10
What is your view of nature? How much green space do you need?
It is nice to be able to drive somewhere easily to get some good green space.
It isn’t high on my list. Maybe having some parks closeby would be good.
Who needs it? I can always have some plants on my balcony if I want to smell some flowers.
I enjoy being close to nature.
Need it. I have a strong connection with nature and want to enjoy it every day.
Question 4/10
What type of entertainment options do you need around you?
I think a little balance of having some good parks nearby but also having a mall with a theater and maybe a small local museum would be great.
A good familiar restaurant or two, maybe a theater in close distance away would be good. Some small parks are important for good walking.
Everything close at my finger tips.
Some good museums, theaters and maybe some shopping malls.
Trails, lakes and rivers and animal watching.
Question 5/10
How well do you handle crowds?
Crowds are no big deal. Part of the joys of life.
Not the biggest fan of crowds. Unless, it is a large gathering of friends and family.
I tend to avoid crowds when I can, but for special celebrations they are okay.
I don’t mind a few crowds. Just dodge your way through and that is okay.
People? The fewer people the better.
Question 6/10
What are your preferences for food?
I love to not only be able to eat food from all over the world, but track down the ingredients easily.
I prefer only food that I can grow and cook myself.
I have a simple variety of foods I can normally get from my local grocer.
It is nice to be able to get a bit of variety. Maybe some Chinese or Sushi would be good.
I like to think that I am pretty adventerous with food, but if I can’t identify it, I might not eat it.
Question 7/10
Do you enjoy lage public celebrations?
I love the annual celebrations they put on in my town.
It is nice to enjoy the larger national and holiday celebrations.
I avoid all public celebrations.
It is great to be able to enjoy a variety of celebrations from different countries.
If I can find a different celebration each weekend, I will love it.
Question 8/10
A little more personal, but how do you do with diversity and other cultures?
I prefer to avoid everyone I don’t personally like.
I enjoy visiting my local Chinese food diner.
It is always nice to be able to be able to interact with people from all over the world.
We are all part of a the tapestry of humanity and the more of us there are, the more beautiful the picture.
I tend to stick to my own people.
Question 9/10
How do you prefer to commute?
Oh that is simple, hop in my car and zip over to the store or work.
Biking or driving is my preferred means of travel, but I typically don’t like to travel far.
Having a choice is always important, but normally it will come to driving or taking some form of public transit and hope there isn’t any problems.
Commuting is an art of utalizing the pulse of the city and knowing a wide range of alternate strategies. If that doesn’t work, just hope you get a good cab driver.
Working from home is the best way. Just have everything delivered or find ways of avoiding going to the store.
Question 10/10
The last and final question, how much do you enjoy the stars?
They are nice and I like to be able to go star gazing on occassion.
The stars are nothing compared to the beauty of city lights.
They are okay, but don’t really care that much about them.
Lovely, I watch them regularly.
I would prefer to be able to see a beautiful sky every day.

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