Which American Symbol Are You?

'From sea to shining sea...' America is an amazing country to live in, and those of us who live here can appreciate how cool it is. Even though it is rich in cultural symbols, everyone has their own idea of what the best one is. Your personality can reveal which American symbol best represents your personal style. Take this quiz and figure out whether you're the Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, or another classic American icon!

Let's Play!
Question 1/6
What's your favorite sport?
Ice skating
Question 2/6
When you're driving, what do you do most?
You're careful to be polite and follow all rules of the road.
You're fairly careful, but sometimes other drivers make you silently annoyed.
Sometimes, you can't help but yell or honk your horn.
You're a polite and careful driver, but sometimes you yell with your windows down so no one hears you.
You have road rage. Yelling, honking the horn, and giving the finger are common reactions.
Question 3/6
How do your friends see you?
Stylish and sophisticated.
Proud and happy, always fun to be around.
Steady, practical, and very smart.
Loud, brash, and always interested in expressing yourself.
Quiet and mysterious. No one knows what you're thinking!
Question 4/6
What's the best way to express yourself?
Come right out with it. Why hide your feelings?
Joking and building up others' confidence is how you roll!
You'd rather sing than speak.
Good deeds can say how much you care.
Talk to people and get them talking, too.
Question 5/6
What are you most proud of?
My cheerfulness and confidence.
Stick around awhile -- you will find out! :)
My strength.
My ability to get along with everyone.
My beauty.
Question 6/6
How do you handle conflict most often?
I'm not scared to put up a fight it I need to.
State my opinion clearly -- if others don't like it, they don't need to agree.
Try to find places where everyone can agree.
Smooth things over with jokes and hugs. I hate conflict.
Change the subject. Life's too short to get stressed!
The Bald Eagle!
A timeless symbol of American strength and ingenuity, Bald Eagles are birds of prey. They are dignified in flight, and always graceful to watch... but when it's time to hunt, watch out. The Eagle has a really tough spirit and will survive at any cost, even when the odds are stacked against them. Like an eagle, you're strong and not afraid to soar high!
The American Flag!
You have an innate sense of pride that comes from your cheerful and loving personality. People love your whimsical nature, but they also respect how diverse and balanced your personality is as well. Always the life of the party and the most recognizable one in the room, the American flag can inspire other people and keep the country's spirits high -- just like you can!
The Liberty Bell!
Smart, strong, and dependable -- that's you. The real Liberty Bell is a beloved symbol of America because it is a true original. Although the Liberty Bell cracked long ago, its spirit has inspired Americans for hundreds of years. You can inspire those around you, as well. Your intelligence and independence is much admired by those around you.
The Statue of Liberty!
The Statue of Liberty was a special and valuable gift to the United States from France. She was originally a shiny copper color, but has turned green over time. Your personal style, however, will never tarnish. People see you as sophisticated, proud, and always absolutely lovely to be around. You are a proud symbol that everyone always notices!
Apple Pie!
The quintessential sweet treat of American history, you're exactly like a nice lovely piece of apple pie. You are sweet but a little bit spicy, you get along with everyone, and no one has ever turned down seconds! Just like your sweet and friendly American symbol, people love you because you're always comforting and so sweet!
The National Anthem!
You might not be the easiest to understand or imitate, but you certainly make one outstanding impression. As beautiful as you are mysterious, people are drawn to you as you're a puzzle that's waiting to be solved. People admire you for being a true American original, filled with lots of ideas to keep things interesting!

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