Which Dance Move Are You?

Are you something slow, smooth, and classic? Perhaps it's none of these -- maybe you just have two left feet (we hope not)? Which dance move do you identify with the most? This quiz will tell you all you need to know about your personality!

Let's Play!
Question 1/6
How sociable are you?
Kinda shy. I like doing my own thing.
I have one or two close friends, maybe a love interest.
I have a small circle of good friends. We have lots of fun together!
I'm very social, I love meeting new people!
I MUST MINGLE! If I'm left alone for too long, my mood really sours!
Question 2/6
If you could choose, where would you like to live?
A rustic home in the country.
Give me an apartment in the city, with lots of cool stuff nearby.
Somewhere with lots of history and culture, like Paris or Rome.
Another planet would be super fun!
It doesn't matter, as long as I'm with the people I love.
Question 3/6
What's your idea of a fun night?
A fancy restaurant with someone whose company I enjoy.
Hanging out at home, doing something fun and creative.
Maybe visiting with a friend or two, talking and laughing.
Dancing the night away at the club!
A big party with a few hundred of my closest friends!
Question 4/6
Your friends would say that you are...
A little bit too flirty... but I like it! ;)
The life of the party!
Different and unique.
A little bit of a snob, maybe.
A great friend, loyal as the day is long.
Question 5/6
Going to a party! What will you wear?
My classic little black dress, or an elegant suit.
A festive, fun outfit that's easy to spot in a crowd.
Something comfortable but flattering.
Whatever it is, can't forget my boots and cowboy hat!
Something sexy that puts all eyes on me!
Question 6/6
What's your flirting style?
Treat them like the lady or gentleman that they are.
I'm pretty direct, I'd usually just tell them how I feel.
A seductive smile... maybe a dirty joke or two?
Love to make 'em laugh!
I'm a little shy...
the Two-Step!
You're sociable and lots of fun! People enjoy being around you because they know you'll be bringing your special brand of humor and sparkle to any gathering. Even the shyest people consider you someone they're comfortable with. You are unpretentious and never judge others, preferring instead to treat everyone with kindness no matter what.
the Electric Slide!
You are at the heart and soul of every party! While other people are busy trying to impress others, you're doing your best to get everyone motivated to have as much fun as possible! People from all walks of life are drawn to your sunny, upbeat personality. You're a great friend who always wants everyone to feel included!
the Twerk!
You're a little bit of a flirt -- OK, well, maybe a lot! But you can't help how gorgeous and unique you are. People are attracted to your friendly and upbeat personality. You sparkle with excitement when you're the center of attention, and yes, you do secretly love drama -- but only the good kind!
the Dougie!
A loyal and loving friend, you're there for others through thick and thin. Not only do you know how to make your loved ones laugh, but you're also there to lift them up when the world seems to be pushing them down. You don't need big parties or fancy clothes to impress others. Instead, you have a caring and compassionate heart!
the Waltz!
You're a traditionalist, full of elegance and class. You prefer champagne to beer, and always know how to look absolutely flawless wherever you go. While you can be friendly and sociable, some might say you're a tiny bit arrogant. Oh well! Maybe they don't understand how classy you actually are!
the Moonwalk!
Unique and creative, you tend to be happier (and do better) by yourself than in a crowd. Nevertheless, you're a free thinker who's not afraid to say how you feel. You're open minded and don't really feel like you should judge people. Perhaps underneath that loner exterior, you're actually a little shy!

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