Which U.S. State Should You Live In?

As much as you don't want to admit it, there’s some truth to stereotypes - at least where states are concerned! This quiz is the perfect starting place to start hunting for your perfect home, sweet home. Start NOW!

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Question 1/6
When you talk bad about someone you hate you...
Start off with “Bless their heart, but...”
Speak only in expletives “#?*! $#@”
You don’t hate on people; you don’t know what their story is
Say it to their face, if they fight you, no big deal
Make sure everyone hears, you love gossip
Insult their intelligence with big words they won’t understand
Question 2/6
Your sport of choice is:
Question 3/6
How Aggressive of a Driver are you?
You stop for pedestrians, other cars, and you wave to everyone
You don’t even honk your horn, but you know how to keep things moving
You have an affinity for horn-honking, but don’t go beyond that
You scream expletives to yourself and your passengers
You gesture rudely out the window to other drivers
You get out and fight if you’re cut off
Question 4/6
What Sort of Hat do you wear?
Felt and trendy, with a wide brim
Knit beanie
A straw fedora
A straw sun-hat
A baseball cap, backwards
A baseball cap, forwards
Question 5/6
Best Meal?
Shrimp ’n Grits
Question 6/6
What Color do you Always Seem to Wear?
South Carolina!
You are a true Southern belle/gentleman. All charm, with a just the right amount of feisty. A state with temperate forests, palmetto tree covered coasts, and enough rural and metropolitan centers to satisfy any sort - it is time to break out the sweet tea!
There’s nothing wrong with having class, and the calm refined northeast is the place for you. Make yourself at home, lounge on a rocky beach, and work on your ivy league style.
You are too cool for school, and your lifestyle and confidence are beyond enviable. You work hard, and know how to relax. Live in a state with mountains, cities, and all the outdoor and social activities you could want.
You can seem superficial, but there is infinitely more to you than meets the eye. Kick back on the beach, work on your tan, and enjoy a laid back but cosmopolitan attitude.
Stereotypes aside, you are wholesome, honest and direct, and may have a penchant for football, guns, and cars, which only adds to your charm. Enjoy the open space, the sport fanaticism, and find a like minded crew.
New York!
Not the upstate - you are a city person, through and through. You are chic, trendy, and can take criticism as gracefully as you dish it out. New York will let you reach your potential, see the sights and be seen, and get swept up in the culture.

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